Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Re-Equipping Of Cdn Forces Moving Forward

Via National Newswatch:

$5.2 billion for new armored vehicles

"This $5.2 billion is a godsend."

In an exclusive hour-long interview with Embassy, Lt.-Gen. Leslie said this massive infusion of money, and especially the immediate overhaul of the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) fleet, has put Canada's Army on track to accept another mission immediately after it pulls out of Afghanistan in 2011.

And in a few short years, he said, Canada will have what amounts to a whole new army, preparing Canada to fight more Afghanistan-like counterinsurgency wars in the future.


$60 billion shipbuilding strategy to re-equip Navy, Coast Guard

The federal government will hold a forum on Monday and Tuesday in Gatineau with members of industry invited to help determine what is being called a "long-term, sustainable shipbuilding strategy," according to a notice from Public Works and Government Services Canada.

There is an estimated $30 billion to $60 billion worth of work in the future in the construction of new federal government fleets, ranging from the replacement of the navy's frigates and destroyers to the building of coast-guard patrol vessels and an icebreaker.

Over the next 30 years, the renewal of the federal fleet could see more than 50 large ships built, in addition to a smaller number of vessels, according to Public Works.

The Defence Department is organizing next week's forum.

Not only will this be great for our national defence capabilities, it'll also provide plenty of real economic stimulus. Too bad we couldn't do it when we were in surplus, 'cause the Opposition Left wanted whole new multibilliondollar entitlist-socialist programs instead and refused to support more than a little boost in defence funding.

It'll be interesting to see how the Opposition Left reacts to this.

Now how about some air superiority fighters for the Air Force just in case Russia decides to try to annex our Arctic? We really ought to have a bunch of F-22s to go along with the planned purchase (someday) of F-35s. And then we'll need some whirly-birdies, which we would've had long ago if it weren't for the gosh-darned, hyper-partisan extremist Liberal Regime...