Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hate Group Holds International Conference At Chicago Hilton

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Why is the Obama Regime tolerating the sort of hate-monsters as seen above?
Why on earth should we tolerate such monsters?
Oh, I can just read the Left-wing "Progressive" comments now... "Hatemongering"? Moi? What do you think the Islamic Supremacists are doing?
They call Jews and Israel the most horrifically hateful names, so why can't I call these Islamic Supremacists "monsters", as I also call Nazis "monsters"?

Following up on this post...

Does this mean that the Skinheads, KKK, neo-Nazis and homosexual- and Muslim-hating groups can also hold international conferences at Hilton hotels/convention centers in America?

Since when is it ok to allow this stuff?

Doesn't the Obama Regime care about hate groups and want to get rid of them? Have they been fooling us? Is the whole "anti-hate" thing really about shutting up inconvenient dissent against the Regime?

Guess the Regime really doesn't care; not in the case of Islamic supremacists. Besides, Obama's a supremacist himself, a racist, and possibly still secretly a Muslim, and likely a supremacist one at that.

Does the DHS even care? Or does the DHS have its hands full with profiling and watching "right-wing" dissidents who don't like the destructively extreme, socialist-fascist Obama Agenda?

Sheesh. Next thing you know, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, the Taliban and Al Qaeda will be holding international conferences in convention centers all over America!

Hey, as long as hate groups like the one that met in Chicago today are allowed to do whatever they want, meet wherever they want, and are untouchable, then what's stopping a bunch of anti-Semites from forming a Nazi Party in America and operating suspicious training camps, all left alone by the state apparatus?