Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adler On Liberal Wafergate Scandal

Story here.

ht: NNW

Every now and then something happens in the NEWS - more specifically in The Coverage of News - that let’s me know why so many of you have abandoned the old ways of paying attention to news...Abandoned watching the late evening news...Abandoned the Newspaper…Every now and then, it becomes so crystal clear why there is as much suspicion of the news business, as there is of the political business and the religious business, and business, especially big business. This week we have one such story. Nearly a month ago, I was hassled by friends, by acquaintances, and by emails as to why I didn't take WAFERGATE seriously. I was told that if Michael Ignatieff had done such a thing like pocketing the Body of Christ, I would be crucifying Michael Ignatieff. Whooaaaaaaaah, I said! What do you base premise upon...A silly video without a time count…A silly edited video designed to further an agenda...

...a Liberal agenda to spread malicious lies via the Big Media, the Big, Billionaire, Big-Oil, Liberal-owned Media, to defame and demonize Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

The goal on the part of the desperate, political-wilderness-wandering Liberals is to cheat, lie and demonize their way back to absolute power with the hidden agenda of imposing a horrific, national-socialist, Obama-style regime upon us all.


Cue the violins!

Nothing new about this, actually. It only feels like "news" because it's been EXPOSED!

Liberals caught red-handed again, lying and cheating, with the help of their corrupt Big Media cronies.

This is, don't forget, the party of ADSCAM. They haven't changed. Same old crooked Librano$$$!

How much more of this sort of thing happens all the time across Canada, UNEXPOSED?