Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Myopically Ignorant, Biased, Old-Media Attack

...on the Obama eligibility issue.

The Old Media's wilful ignorance and refusal to do a proper, scrupulous, in-depth, detailed, unbiased investigation into the matter is nothing short of astonishing.

Either they're ignorant and showing it with malice to protect Obama from what they perceive to be partisan or worse attacks on Obama by "crazies", "conspiracy theorists" and whom they also namecall as "birthers" (as if namecalling means jack shit!)... or they know the truth, the damning, frightening truth about Obama and want to cover it up, as they, the Old Media are already infamous for doing for so many things that would, if they became widely known and understood by enough of the Public, prove inconvenient and devastating to THE AGENDA. We know full well that the Old Media certainly does cover stuff up on purpose. There's no denying it unless one's ignorant or lying.

This CANOE News report
simply copies a widely-circulated AP article, suggesting that whoever decided to post that AP article on CANOE is themselves either lazily ignorant or part of the cover-up and protection of the terribly destructive Obama Regime.

I'd tend towards the latter accusation, as the CANOE report also uses a very, very unflattering image of Rush Limbaugh, the man trusted by millions of Americans to tell the truth, no matter how inconvenient and no matter how much it brings about the wrath of the White House Bully Pulpit and the faceless, brownshirt-like Obama stormtroop thugs.

Why can't the Old Media use their brains and look harder for the plain truth?

Why can't they just focus on one specific question only?

Why can't they tell the People that, in fact, Obama's REAL birth certificate remains under lock and key, heavily guarded on Obama's orders and unavailable for everyone to see?

Why can't they tell the People this?

Don't they know this? I suspect they do, but to focus on this question would be too devastating for Obama, the man they love to love, no matter what.

What does the REAL birth certificate, which Obama is protecting with a team of elite lawyers at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, month after month?

Why is Obama refusing to let us see his REAL birth certificate?

Pick up the phone, Obama, and order Hawaii to release the document for all to see.

Why not? Does it contain information that would destroy you?

If not, then guess what? One phone call will shut up the hundreds of thousands, actually more like millions, of Americans who want to see it to be satisfied, for once and for all, that you were literally, physically, born right, smack, directly on and inside legal American territory and not some other country? Why not silence the questions for once and for all so we can all move on?

Why not? What are you covering up, Obama? What are the Old Media helping you to cover up?

Perhaps proof that you're not legally, Constitutionally, the President because your REAL birth certificate indicates you were born in a country other than America?

And, CANOE News, whoever decided to post that AP article, well, you should keep a close eye on that person from now on. You just might find that you really don't want someone like that under your employ.