Friday, July 31, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: Liar, Conspiracy Theorist And Hypocrite

Separated at birth?

Left-wing loonybird House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Heaven's Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite: Fraternal twins or what?

Liar against the CIA, insurancy-industry conspiracy theorist and now apparently a hypocrite?

You be the judge. ht: Drudge Report

"It is somewhat immoral what they are doing. Of course, they have been immoral all along how they have treated the people that they insure," MSNBC's Luke Russert quoted her as saying. "They are the villains in this."

Pelosi, of course, has accepted campaign contributions from said villains this year and in the past, as have most of her Democratic colleagues. Pelosi's campaign committee, for example, took $2,500 from AFLAC's political action committee on April 13. But she's not giving the money back just because she thinks the sources are immoral and villainous.

No wonder she's so unpopular. Pretty soon Barry-O'll be joining her in the gutter. In fact, he's already beaten Jimmy Carter's own rapid popularity decline.

Here's some dissenters who aren't going to be manipulated by either of the death-cultists pictured above: