Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Are They Worried Will Happen?

Indeed. Their bizarre lawsuit is a sign of panic, of fear of worry that business will disappear, along with the delusions under which confused, misinformed women operate, such women being the lifeblood of such peddlers of death.

Fargo, ND ( -- A Fargo, North Dakota abortion business has filed a lawsuit to stop women from having the ability to see an ultrasound of their unborn children before the have an abortion. Gov. John Hoeven signed the measure into law in May after the state House easily approved the ultrasound measure.

The House backed House Bill 1371, on a strongly bipartisan 77-9 vote in February and the Senate signed off on the bill in April.

The measure is designed to help women learn the humanity of their unborn child and to consider abortion alternatives.

What's wrong with allowing women to see what their babies actually look like? What's wrong with that?

Besides hurting the businesses who push them to kill their babies and to pay a hefty price to have the greedy businesses do so?

Imagine that. Denying women their real right to choose so as to protect their so-called "right to choose".

It's just like how homosexual militants want to deny people the right to choose, ie., according to their religious and moral convictions, whether to perform homosexual "marriages" and so on. And denying doctors the right to refuse to perform abortions if doing so goes against their convictions.

What kind of a "choice" is possible when comprehensive information is withheld from people being pushed to make such a critically serious decision?

What kind of people would effectively tell women,

"It's your choice, so choose the way we want you to choose, just because. No, you cannot see the ultrasound. Why not? Just because we don't want you to, because we fear you will then choose in a manner that will cost us your business"

Kind of like denying Americans their right to see proof that Obama is legitimately occupying the White House, by denying them the right to see, not the worthless e-copy of something called a "Certification of Live Birth" (which was, at time of Obama's birth, issued for babies born anywhere in the world, simply for registration purposes), but rather his original, long-form birth certificate (the document that continues to be held under lock and key in Hawaii, heavily guarded from the eyes of Americans, as per orders from Obama himself) that would prove for once and for all whether he was actually born in the USA. Such denial effectively constitutes manipulating the less-astute voters, the easily-fooled voters into making an uninformed choice because their right to know has been violated by the obviously-illegitimate, unconstitutional Socialist-Fascist Obama Regime.

This denial of peoples' right to know things so as to enable them to make properly-informed choices is very common in the Free World as well as it is in the Totalitarian World. It's part of THE AGENDA.

Forced/imposed/uninformed "choice" is not choice at all. Is it?