Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Birth Certificate Question Arises In Townhall

You know, it's NOT enough for Obama to merely be a citizen of the United States.

After all, Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a citizen of the United States.

But Arnold cannot be President because he wasn't born in America. No dispute there. It's common knowledge that he wasn't born in America. No need to see his birth certificate, as he's never going to be President.

Michael Ignatieff, the Canadian-born Liberal leader in Canada, could easily become an American citizen. But since he wasn't born in America, the U.S. Constitution forbids him from being President of the U.S. Merely being a citizen isn't enough; it's required, of course, but it's only one requirement.

Was Obama, an American citizen (his citizenship isn't in dispute), born in America? We don't know for sure. I suspect that few people beyond Obama himself know the truth.

He never let us see his original, "long-form" birth certificate.

He merely had his minions issue a worthless copy of a document that's issued for births that can occur in foreign countries. This document, which they fraudulently claimed was his birth certificate, cannot be accepted as proof of country of birth because it indicates no such thing other than that the birth, wherever it occured in the world, was merely registered in Hawaii. Registering a birth in Hawaii at the time Obama was born did NOT mean that the birth occured in Hawaii or even the United States. Is this so bloody hard for Leftists to understand? Are Leftists really that stupid?

And Obama's blown hundreds of thousands of dollars on a legal team for months to prevent anyone from seeing his birth certificate and from pursuing the issue in the courts. He's desperate to hide the truth about his origins.

Like I've said before, this issue will NOT go away. The questions and the lawsuits will NOT stop.

The longer Obama stonewalls and refuses to prove that he was born in America, the worse it's going to be for him... and for America. It's actually a dangerous situation.

He undertook to be President, fully aware that he's required by the Constitution to have been born in America.

No one bothered to demand proof. Strange but true, but not surprising, as the state apparatus has become stupid and lazy in this day and age.

But The People want to know for sure that their President is legitimate!

Show us your original, long-form birth certificate, Obama. Pick up the phone, call Hawaii, and order that it be released for public viewing.