Friday, July 24, 2009

Recession Over; Why Spend Rest Of Unnecessary 'Stimulus' Billions?

Yes, the recession in Canada is officially over.

And this despite the fact that very little of the budgeted "stimulus" billions has been spent.

Given that most of it hasn't been disbursed, and that there's no longer any need, given the end of the recession, how, then, can we justify the massive deficit spending to put us back where we started in the Nineties, debt-wise?

Perhaps the massive deficit spending will just not happen after all.

A good thing, I'd say, as even the Leftist Opposition who demanded the deficit spending, backed by the threat of overthrowing the government, also, ironically condemned the projected deficits which they so seriously demanded.

Next thing you know, the Leftist Opposition will flip back again and demand the massive deficits, spinning their second flipflop however they find convenient. Talk about crazy assholes...

By the way, guess what? The Harper Conservatives were right in the first place, before the Three Stooges, the Liberals, NDP and separatist Bloc threatened to usurp the government in a coup against which the majority of Canadians, regardless of politics and partisanship, were ferociously against, and held their own Canadian Tea Parties to make this sentiment very clear. Too bad we didn't have an election over the issue, as had we, we'd have a massive Conservative majority government today, as the Conservatives at the time had skyrocketed to over 50% support in the polls!

We never needed the "stimulus"! The neo-Communists just wanted to be doing whatever the neo-Communist dictator Obama was doing!

Given this, and given that the "stimulus" trillions in America aren't doing anything but paying for pork and other useless crap, why should Americans now put up with Obama's drunken spending spree which threatens to bankrupt America?