Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wrongly-Fired Man Suing Obama

Gerald Walpin, shown here, was the inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Obama's been firing everyone he wanted to fire, just because he wanted to.

He thought that since he's Obama, he'd get away with it. Seemingly he has been.

But wait. Not so fast!

One brave victim is taking Obama to court for wrongful dismissal, after being fired for doing his job.

The government watchdog President Obama fired last month for allegedly being "confused" and "disoriented" filed a lawsuit Friday to reclaim his job, the Washington Times reported.

Gerald Walpin, who was the inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service until President Obama removed him, argues in the lawsuit that the firing was politically motivated and broke a 2008 law governing how watchdogs can be dismissed, the newspaper said.

Obama hastily removed Walpin after a board meeting in May in which, the White House says, he was "unduly disruptive," and exhibited a "lack of candor" in providing information to decision makers.

Walpin has emphatically disputed the charge, calling it baseless. Walpin believes his firing was a result of bad blood between him and the board over his investigation of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, an Obama supporter, for alleged misuse of federal funds.

See, he did his job and properly went after a suspectedly crooked crony of Obama.

That's why he was fired.

Not because he was allegedly "dazed and confused" at a meeting. Hey, Obama's always dazed and confused, so Obama's in no position to point fingers and say "you're dazed and confused; you're fired". If Obama can fire people for supposedly seeming dazed and confused one time, then Obama can be fired, too, for obviously being dazed and confused all the damn time!

Boyoboy, has there ever been a President who's facing so many lawsuits right from the get-go?

First all those lawsuits seeking to get him to prove he was born in America (listen, Obama worshippers, if you look carefully and do your homework properly, you'll learn that he did NOT.).

Now a wrongful-dismissal lawsuit.

What next? Rest assured there'll be a LOT more.

Let's hope that at least this Democrat kept his pants on and his willy to himself and his wife. But from what I've learned, I'm afraid that's probably not going to turn out to be the case... After all, money, absolute power and pussy (and maybe even pecker, as one man alleged Obama played with his) are irresistible for Democrats.

No wonder Obama's popularity and job approval numbers are going in this direction: