Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aggressive Homosexuals Trespass, Offend On Mormon Property

Disgusting and hateful, those homosexual supremacists, intruding onto private property to offend people on their own turf! It's also against the law.

About 100 people gathered Sunday for the second consecutive weekend to stage a "kiss-in" to protest the treatment of two gay men cited for trespassing July 9 after they shared a kiss on the plaza owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What's wrong with those militant homosexual extremists? Don't they respect the rights of others? Don't they respect the laws of America?

Why don't they go do it on private Islamic property at some Mosque, too? Why the hell not? Surely they know what the Islamic world does to homosexuals who have been caught? Why not protest against that, and offend the Muslims, too?

They should have been arrested, just as are Christians who've been so treated for simply standing on public property holding bibles near homosexually-themed events. What's so bad about standing around in public holding a book which the Bill of Rights guarantees you can, compared to engaging in offensive physical behavior on someone else's private property? These militant, hateful homosexuals really need to be treated as badly as the police treat Christians for demonstrating in ways the homosexuals themselves find offensive. These homosexual extremists must be put in their place and made to understand that they're not special, are not above the law, and cannot act as if they're better than anyone else. And if they don't like that, well, they can go to jail if they disobey the law and infringe on others' rights. No tolerance for hate and supremacism! No tolerance for "gays" hurting the feelings of those who are strictly forbidden to hurt the feelings of the "gays"!

I say that militant homosexual extremists who deliberately trespass on religious groups' properties to engage in offensive behavior are guilty of a HATE CRIME for acting in a manner that's not only illegal and tortious, but that is also motivated by hate.

Why is it that the state apparatus infringes on the rights of the religious but refuses to even stop homosexual militants from breaking the law and committing hate crimes against identifiable groups?

This is proof of inequality under the Hard-Left-dominated-and-controlled state apparatus in America.

Drastic measures will have to be taken one day to restore equality and the supremacy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights over Left-Wing Extremists who think they can just take whatever they want and do whatever they want to whomever they want, no matter what.

The fact that they never target Mosques, Muslims and Islam in any way, shape or form is proof that they target Christians as objects of hatred and contempt and intimidation. Shame on the "gays" for being so hateful and discriminatory! I dare them to go and engage in homosexual physical activity on Mosque property! What are they afraid of? After all, Muslims are peaceful, tolerant and aren't violent, are they?