Monday, July 20, 2009

"Gay" Male Africans Have 10X Straight HIV Infection Rate

You'll have to draw your own conclusions based on this.

I'd say that homosexual activity is definitely a major factor in HIV transmission.

Especially when one considers the inconvenient truth:

(...) gay men were also more likely to be involved in other high-risk behaviours, including sex work, having multiple partners and being in contact with intravenous drug use, he said.

This isn't just an African phenomenon, either. It's no secret that it's also a phenomenon in the developed world, including America, with respect to homosexual males. It's said to be "catastrophic" in the United States. They do tend more frequently than straights to engage in more dangerous and risky activities all over the world.

Why? I don't know why.

Chalk it up to one of the mysteries of people and leave it to impartial experts to conduct studies and inquiries without political bias of any kind.

Then, when we have answers, perhaps we'll be better able to help folks who find themselves trapped in a lifestyle in which they engage in dangerous activities which they certainly do NOT have to engage in. Everyone has fetishes, sometimes dangerous ones, and fetishes can be addictive, so the focus ought to be on psychotherapy to overcome such psychological addictions to doing things that have the potential not just to ultimately kill one, but also harm others.

Everyone's got their psychological flaws and such. No one is perfectly mentally ordered. But to delude oneself that it's something they can't help, that they have no free will, are unable to choose to refrain from doing something they don't need to do, well, that's dangerous, and such delusion shouldn't be encouraged.

Prevention of contraction and spread to others is up to the individual.

I suggest that simply covering one's weewee with a bit of rubber isn't going to be enough, if one does a whole lot of other dangerous stuff as well.

Perhaps abstinence is the way to save lives. Of course one can abstain. As human beings with free will, of course abstinence is possible. It's all a matter of exercising one's options, and making the right choice... or the wrong choice.

ht: Bourque