Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama Lied To Jews, Christians Re Jerusalem

Story here.

"I believe that on the issue of Jerusalem and the issue of Iran Obama intentionally misled both Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel," Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, told WND.

"He said as a candidate in 2008 that he supports an undivided Jerusalem and will never permit Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, and now we see that these claims were simply false," said Klein.

Pessach Lerner, executive vice president of the National Council of Young Israel, told WND, "The Jewish community, in fact, the American community, has the right to expect that what they are told before an election will be what is acted upon after an election.

"Add to this the rights of a sovereign country, an ally, the only democratic state in the Middle East – and we find it very disturbing that the current U.S. administration is dictating to the state of Israel where it can and cannot build in Jerusalem," Lerner said.

I never trusted Obama. I never believed a damn thing he said when he was a candidate in the Presidential election.

Because I know when people are lying, especially politicians. And especially extreme-left-wing politicians. Like Obama. A professional liar. Who must be stopped before he succeeds in destroying the Free World. So let's see the real birth certificate with or without his consent... get the courts to order it released, so we can see whether he's actually Constitutionally the President by virtue of being born on American soil... or NOT. In the latter case, well, he's gone just like that, and behind bars for his monstrous crime of fraud and treason against America.

And when this happens, he'll bring a LOT of people down with him, who are involved in the fraud.

Really, I don't see the Constitutional Eligibility issue going away, unless the birth certificate is released and indicates that Obama was born in the USA. The fact that he's doing everything in his power to hide the document makes for a logical conclusion that the document, if released, will destroy him... and others. What a pickle he's in, and the longer he stonewalls, the worse it's going to be for him and his cronies.

I would suggest to anyone involved in the coverup, that they'd better think long and hard for themselves. Do they want to go down, too? Do they want to continue to aid and abet the stonewalling? They'd be well-advised to distance themselves from Obama immediately and even better-advised to go to police and confess and cooperate, else when the shiite hits the fan, they're as screwed as Obama will be. These folks should think about themselves for once, rather than about blind loyalty to The Owe and The Agenda. They should save themselves and get out now rather than go down with the already-slowly-sinking ship.