Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Do You See Here?

The image is carefully manipulated to hide what's there.

But, rest assured, there's something there. If you're told so, then chances are you can see it. But if you're told there's nothing there, chances are you won't try to see anything but what immediately meets the eye.

You know, if the Obama Regime and its propagandists and the Old Media said that there's nothing there but a bunch of lines, you can rest assured that many folks, once they look at it, will only believe that there's a bunch of lines there, and won't bother to look further.

Those who know that the Regime, the propagandists and the Old Media lie and manipulate the Public will look for something, knowing that there's more to things than immediately meets the eye, despite being told over and over again that "there's nothing to see here", "only a radical fringe of wackos and racist conspiracy theorists see something", etc.

And, nope, Obama's birth certificate isn't there. It's protected, top-secret-style, from view under heavy security in Hawaii. Only a phone call from Obama will make it become visible to us.

If you realize that there's something there and are trying to see what's there, but still can't, or can only faintly see something, then try this: Back away from the screen and tilt your head 90 degrees sideways.

It's also possible to change your way of looking at the Obama eligibility issue to come to see that, indeed, the issue is legitimate. It just requires a different way of looking at the issue with your mind's eye.

Obama doesn't want you to do this. He controls the Propaganda Matrix and wants you to remain hooked up to its reality-distorting feed.

It's your choice to break free of the connection to his control and see reality as it really is with your mind's eye.

You can be a prisoner of the perception-controlling Big Media Machine, or you can break free and connect with reality the hard way. It's your choice.

However, if you're already free and saw the hidden image right away or almost right away, then congratulations; you're one of those feared-by-the-"Progressive" movement "right-wing extremists". So hold your head high in pride!

Adherents of the "Progressive" movement and its reality-denying gospel, however, will say I'm nuts... of course, for they're trapped, prisoner of the International Socialist Propaganda Matrix.

Ok, a little bit of fancy exaggeration, but there's an underlying message in this post. If your brain is under your control and you actually use it, you'll get the message. That's also how you can receive reality, undistorted, by your senses, to properly accept, undistorted, into and process by your brain. It requires conscious control, something many, many folks aren't used to or never learned to exercise.