Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Americans No Longer Think Obama Can Do It

Americans can smell the coffee now. They're awakening, no longer dreaming in Technicolor.

He's no messiah after all. All the phony hopechangery mania has given way to the depression of realization of reality.

Story here.

The number of people who think Obama can improve the economy is down a sobering 19 percentage points from the euphoric days just before his inauguration. Ditto for expectations about creating jobs. Also down significantly: the share of people who think he can reduce the deficit, remove troops from Iraq and improve respect for the U.S. around the world, all slipping 15 points.

On overhauling health care, a signature issue for Obama, hopes for success are down a lesser 6 points.

Add it all up, and does it mean Obama has lost his mojo? Has yes-we-can morphed into maybe?

"I think it's just reality," said Sandy Smith, a 48-year-old public relations worker from Los Angeles. "He's not Superman, right?"

He's also no better than Bush, either. In fact, he's far, far, FAR worse!