Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Crackpot Science Czar Wanted To Give Trees Rights

John Holdren: Wacko-Mad "Science Czar" Appointed by Wacko-Mad Obama

This is the same guy who once declared, effectively, that babies, even after they're born, aren't human.

Can you ever imagine this guy thinking, therefore, that babies, being inhuman, as he believes, would have any rights at all?

Now we find out that this lunatic appointee of the lunatic Obama actually has advocated giving trees the right to sue.

Trees. With rights.

In Obamerica.

Yes, they can!


Of course, they give enemy combatants, ie. murderously hateful, hellbent Al Qaeda and Taliban captives, the exact same rights as law-abding, taxpaying American citizens. So I guess anything's possible in the insane alternative reality of Obammunism. Don't be surprised if they give turds more rights than you have!

Oh, yeah, eh? Well, I advocate giving the unborn the right to sue, so they can sue Holdren, Obama and the whole shitload of those wacko-lunatic leftist wingnuts for murdering so many of them!

Imagine that. A "science czar" in charge of "science" in America with the insane belief that the trees are more human than babies!

I warned y'all that Obama wasn't worth the risk. Just look at all the wingnuts he's appointed all over the place. A fascist to run the DHS. A racist to the SCOTUS. And a madman to direct "science".

God help America!