Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hispanic Firefighter Slams Sotomayor's Racism

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“I thought it clear that we were denied our fundamental civil rights,” Vargas told the committee in explaining the firefighters’ lawsuit.

He also said that while he is Hispanic and “proud of the heritage and background that Judge Sotomayor and I share,” the “focus should not have been on me being Hispanic.”

“The focus should have been on what I did to [earn] our new promotion to captain and how my own government and some courts responded to that,” testified Vargas. “In short, they didn't care. I think it important for you to know what I did, that I played by the rules and then endured a long process of asking the courts to enforce those rules.”

He continued: “I am the proud father of three young sons. For them I sought to better my life, and so I spent three months in daily study, preparing for an exam that was unquestionably job-related. My wife, a special education teacher, took time off from work to see me and our children through this process.

Sonia Sotomayor effectively ruled that none of that sacrifice and hard work mattered, that only race mattered.

See the effect of judges like Sotomayor making racist rulings?

And Barack Hussein Obama is going to place her on the bench of the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Why? Perhaps because he shares her worldview?