Friday, July 31, 2009

BirthCertifiGate Scandal Continues

Now there's concerns that the State of Hawaii will destroy Obama's original, long-form birth certificate before it can be seen to verify that he was, indeed, born in America and is, therefore, Constitutionally, the President. Or not.

Hey, this is no more a "conspiracy theory" than the nonsense the Democrats and Obama are now spewing about the insurance industry being "evil" and "immoral" and supposedly conspiring to put the kibbosh on the Obamacare bill.

How come when the Big Media does an investigation/inquiry/examination/asks leading questions of news consumers, it's not called a "conspiracy theory", but rather is justified as "doing their job" and so on, but if ordinary folks do their own legitimate investigation and provide concrete evidence for all to judge for themselves, it's called a "lunatic fringe conspiracy theory"? Why the difference? Come on; do we really think the Big Media is any more scrupulous than we are? Any more honest? Are they under no pressure to "toe the line" and "follow the corporate agenda"? I mean, come on! The Big Media is no better than ordinary Americans who care about truth, facts and rock-solid evidence and proof. And who are quite competent enough to judge for themselves. But the Powers that Be are saying we're too stupid and untrustworthy, so we better trust the Elites instead. The Elites who confiscate our tax dollars for the furtherance of their hidden agenda which we didn't endorse because they never said they'd be doing such crap.

Read about it and judge for yourself. Don't rely on the Big Media and lazy-minded folks to tell you what's what and what's not.

No one is alleging a "conspiracy". All we're doing is looking at the facts and asking questions, "what's up with that"?

To stop being curious, stop looking at suspicious stuff, stop thinking, stop asking questions about things... that's what we're supposed to do, right? We're being told to quit thinking about things, stop asking inconvenient questions.

Well, then how come the same people who tell folks to forget about anything suspicious about Obama aren't telling folks to stop trying to find something bad about Sarah Palin and to stop making phony, always-dismissed ethics complaints about her and such, and stop spreading absurd conspiracy theories about her?

And how come the same folks were always babbling-up various conspiracy theories about President Bush, about Halliburton, about...?

Now they're saying, "Nothing to this, nothing at all. Only lunatics think there's anything to it.".

Weird, isn't it? Especially since, when we study and think about all the evidence that's out there, we know that there's something to it, and the one undeniable fact is that:

Obama never, ever proved that he, as required by the Constitution to be President, was born on American soil.

And the only document that can provide such proof, his paper original, long-form birth certificate (if it's a Hawaii one), he's desperately hiding, doing everything in his power to prevent anyone at all from seeing it and what it says about where he was born. This is indubitable, and no amount of misleading, vague public statements by whomever can ever change this rock-solid truth.

No matter what any number of people and organizations may have said so far, they've never offered proof that Obama proved he was born on American soil. And this means that whether he's "President" of the United States or not is an unanswered question. Unanswerd in terms of not being proven vis-a-vis the Constitution's need-to-have-been-born-in-America requirement.

The problem with this is that more and more people won't believe he's the President and will not trust him, nor obey any of the laws passed under his regime.

And this is dangerous.

And it will only get worse.

Because Obama is making it worse by hiding the truth and trying to get his propaganda machine to fool people with The Big Lie.

After all, the whole point of telling a big lie is that when the lie is so massive and monstrous, well, who's going to believe anyone would dare tell such a lie? Like, no one would dare, right? But that's exactly what Obama's counting on, that no one will believe he's lying about where he was born and about being President of the United states, or that anyone else is.

Just obey the Constitution, Obama. Why aren't you?