Saturday, July 25, 2009

Obama's Paranoid Professor Buddy 'Nearly Brawled' In Racial Confrontation

Story here.

You know, he should be blaming the Democrat Party for the segregation situation of that long-ago era. You know, the Democrat Party of the KKK. Isn't Gates aware of this inconvenient, ironic truth about his buddy Obama's own party?

After all, Gates is an expert on Black history. Surely he knows that it's the Democrat Party who is to blame for his racial confrontation in a "white" bar in the 1950s?

After all, it's the Democrat Party who's to blame for all the racism and prejudice and bigotry and violence and murders that were happening back then.

Gates, if he's honest and has integrity and isn't just another Obamite activist, will indicate the truth.

But he prefers to blame any and all "white" police officers who do their job.

His paranoid, abusive demeanor isn't helping him, nor the cause of racial equality and harmony.

Nor is the racist demagogue Obama helping the cause of creating a colorblind America.

It's ironic that the Democrat Party, full of racists and other types of bigots of all kinds, made Obama their Nominee, and that Obama wants to be associated with that racist organization. But then again, Obama's a known racist himself.