Sunday, July 05, 2009

Powell Again Stands Up For Extreme Left

What's the matter with this guy? Is there more to him than we thought? Who is he, really?

Odd that he's supporting someone who's clearly racist, or race-minded, to be a Supreme Court judge. It's unacceptable, and dangerous to peoples' rights and equality, to knowingly put someone like Sonia Sotomayor, a racial supremacist and sexist, into such a powerful position.

Powell wants us to look at Sotomayor's "qualifications" and ignore her radically extreme ideology and record of judicial activism. Gimme a break, eh? Remember all the craziness coming from the Left over judicial nominees of President Bush, just because the nominees weren't hard-left judicial activists, as demanded by the entitlist Left? Remember that some nominees were withdrawn because of the pressure? Why should it be different in this situation?

If a Republican President had nominated a non-Leftist judge who had uttered racist comments, who was a member of extremist organizations, who had made a racist ruling that was stricken down by the SCOTUS, do you seriously think that a leftist-in-conservative clothing like Colin Powell would be standing up for that nominee? Like hell!

I'm not sure to make about Powell's claims that the GOP isn't "sensitive" enough towards "minorities". Perhaps it'd be helpful if Powell were more specific and expanded upon that talking point (which I believe to have come from a communications/propaganda expert on the Democrat side)... I mean, why not make the case? What does he want the GOP to do, become racist like the Democrat party, become a bunch of dishonest, manipulative ideologues pitting one group against another like the Democrats? Does he want the GOP to embrace the wrongheaded concept of discriminating in favor of or against folks on the basis of stuff like skin color, like Sotomayor does? What else is he talking about? How do we know? He didn't say! Just like Obama!

Besides, doesn't Powell know about the racist history of the Democrats, up for whom he's standing today, against the GOP, of which he claims to be a real, as opposed to just an on-paper member?

I just can't believe this guy. Guess he's starting to show us who he really is. Just another Obama, possibly a racist himself, too.

Guy's a Leftist, plain and simple. Doublethinking, double standard-practicing Leftist.

Dammit... racism is racism. Why is it so hard for some people to understand this? Why do they prefer to decide, only on the basis of personal or ideological convenience, what is and isn't racism? Surely they know that discriminating against one guy in favor of another on the basis of race is racism, no matter which way it goes? Don't tell me any of that Left-wing gobbleddygook, eh, as I'm not falling for it. Everyone is to be treated equally and fairly, and this isn't what the Left is doing/trying to do!

Say no to Sotomayor for SCOTUS. Obama must pick a non-bigoted judge with a scrupulous record of sticking to the letter of the law and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That must be the qualification, not one's personal views and not one's race or gender or whatever. All one needs to ask for is that the judge be scrupulous in doing their job properly, and according to the Constitution!