Sunday, July 05, 2009

Joe The Plumber Attends Tea Party

Yep, that Joe. Sam Wurzelbacher, who said, after meeting Obama on the campaign trail last year, that the guy's philosophy scared him and made him worry about America.

The political celebrity — whose real name is Samuel J. Wurzelbacher and who doesn't work as a plumber anymore — spoke at a Zilker Park picnic area, where several hundred people gathered for an anti-government "tea party," one of many being held around the country over the Fourth of July weekend. Attendees, many wearing red, white and blue, came to express their frustration with big government, taxes and illegal immigration and their desire to fight for that which they say they hold dear: freedom.


Wurzelbacher, wearing cowboy boots, jeans and a T-shirt, said that he's not going to change his mind over time on what he believes — and he believes that abortion and same-sex marriage are wrong, that owning guns is an important right and that torturing terrorists isn't wrong.

"You know what?" Wurzelbacher asked. "I will stand in line and torture every damn terrorist if it's going to protect one of our military members."

Guess what, Obama? This guy votes. So do millions and millions of others ("right-wing extremists", you call 'em) with whom you disagree. Think about that.

You, Obama, don't tell Americans what's what. It's the other way around, for you work for them! So either do your job or get booted out next time! And that goes double for the dumbasses in Congress and the Senate who forget that inconvenient truth.

It doesn't matter if we make you feel a little uncomfortable, because we have rights, too, and we're sure as hell damn well gonna exercise 'em, too, you stuffy buffoons in fancy suits paid for out of our pockets!

ht: WND