Friday, July 03, 2009

Is Hard-Left Bloc Quebecois Soft On Pedophiles?

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“What we are denouncing is the fact that the Bloc is voting against the values of Quebeckers,” Conservative MP Steven Blaney said in an interview. He represents a riding just south of Quebec City.


Bill C-268 proposes “minimum sentence for offences involving trafficking of persons under the age of eighteen years,” and has been championed by Conservative MP Joy Smith. It was approved at second reading in April by a vote of 232-47, and will now be studied by the justice committee of the House.

The Bloc explains that it voted against Bill C-268 because it prevents judges from exercising their discretion.

“Minimum sentences have no dissuasive effect,” said Bloc MP and whip Michel Guimond.

Again a Hard-Leftwing extremist makes a dubious claim without offering proof.

Besides, putting pedophiles in jail obviously takes them away from the children and protects the children. And does certainly send a strong, unmistakable message to the offenders and to would-be offenders that the consequences will be quite punitive and will be enforced.

To suggest that this isn't dissuasive is illogical and irrational. We know that dire consequences seen to be strictly enforced on a mandatory basis (as opposed to Hard-Leftwing corrupt judges letting the offenders off easy and letting them go and offend again) do weigh heavily on the minds of would-be offenders. And they do send the message to society as a whole that such behaviors will NOT be tolerated and that the penalties for lawbreaking and for hurting others WILL be imposed, mandatorily.