Friday, July 03, 2009

Ignatieff's Intolerant Slurs Continue To Haunt Him
Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader (unelected, coronated from top down): Ethnic slurs

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What he wrote:

"Ukrainian independence conjures up images of embroidered peasant shirts, the nasal whine of ethnic instruments, phoney Cossacks in cloaks and boots, nasty anti-Semites," Ignatieff, an academic of Russian descent, wrote in the book.

"Somewhere inside I'm also what Ukrainians would call a great Russian and there is just a trace of old Russian disdain for these little Russians," he wrote in another passage.

For Ukrainians, he professes "disdain". Calls them "Little Russians", as if somehow inferior just because of where they were born. Says their music has "nasal whine". Such contempt for an ethnic group! "Darth" Vladimir Putin must be proud!

Imagine if folks were to say similar things about other minority groups. Don't you think there'd be hell to pay? Especially if the speakers or writers were Conservatives, as opposed to Liberals... Remember the ancient tape of Tom Lukiwski simply uttering, under the influence of alcohol, mind y'all, and playing silly-ass drinking party games and such, "homosexual faggots"? He caught a LOT more HELL for that than Iggy's catching for saying stuff like that about an ethnic group.

Such language to describe minorities... often gets called "spreading hatred and contempt".

Hey! Where's the "Human Rights" Commission? Why do they let him get away with the spread of hatred and contempt against an identifiable group? Because he's not "conservative" or Christian, but rather a Liberal-left-winger? Ah! This is why this otherwise far-right extremist, Ignatieff, chose to become a Liberal: For insurance against being jackbooted by the Liberal Fascists of Little Miss Jackboots Jennifer Lynch!

And isn't it shocking that Warren Kinsella, of all people, he of his absurdly professed "human rights", "anti-hate" crusade, STILL wants to work for Iggy, as his propaganda attack clown, forgetting what Iggy has said about minority groups? Oh, wait... Kinsella only really wants to attack certain identifiable groups by manufacturing phoney crises of "white supremacism" and Nazis, including claiming that they're all over the place, especially in public bathrooms... But who cares about Kinsella? And further oh, wait... Kinsella also himself having uttered horribly ignorant, cavalierly bigoted slurs against the Chinese and against women and especially against Christians, like Stockwell Day, whose beliefs Kinsella mocked on live national TV...

Is Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff a Russian ethnic supremacist?

He sounds no better than "Darth" Vladimir Putin, who also opposes Ukraininan independence as well as independence for other nations formerly occupied by murderous, communist Russian supremacists and imperialists under the formed Soviet Union.

Vic Toews, an immigrant of Ukraininan heritage, dismisses Iggy's utterly unbelievable "explanations":

"The explanations are never consistent," said Toews. "They are certainly anti-Ukrainian nationalist comments.

"Please tell me what the context for that would be."

Ah. "Context". Iggy claims that he had been "taken out of context". But never said what the "context" was and never cited anything from his writings to demonstrate any "context" for his hatefully contemptuous, supremacist words.

Isn't it astonishing that the Liberals under Iggy seem not to care that the "leader" who was imposed upon them from the top down, Soviet-style, is a notorious hatemonger?

Mr. Toews was completely right to spread the alarm about Iggy's supremacist views and hatemongering.

After all, Canadians don't want to have a known hatemonger as their Prime Minister, and want to be made privy to the dirty details...

And Iggy had been out of the country for over three decades. What on earth for? Canada's not good enough for him, so he prefers to live... mostly in the United States, and has actually indicated that America is his country... this so-called "patriotic Canadian"... eh?

The Russian leopard can't change his spots by phonily issuing declarations of respect for folks for whom he has already clearly professed "disdain".

This guy flipflops only when politically and electorally expedient. You'd think he was a brook trout fingerling just pulled from the water...

How can anyone trust him? No one knows for sure what he truly believes, and, as he's now a politician, we all know that he's GOT to lie as a matter of course.

Canadian voters can be forgiven for having strong trepidations about Michael Ignatieff and about the Liberal Party, who apparently thinks he's just fine and dandy.