Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sotomayor-Aligned Racists Attack Discrimination Victim

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This is how the undeserving, cheating Left wins. This is one of their tactics.

"To go after so sympathetic a plaintiff as Frank Ricci . . . is a new low in the politics of personal destruction," said Roger Pilon, the director of the libertarian Cato Institute's Center for Constitutional Studies. "If they were smart, they'd keep a low profile."


With his awards for bravery, some 17 years of fire department service and history of overcoming dyslexia, Ricci has become a compelling human character in the Sotomayor confirmation drama. Senate Republicans have summoned him, along with Lt. Ben Vargas of the New Haven Fire Department, as two of their 14 witnesses next week.


Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina added that many Americans can identify with Ricci, making him an especially attractive witness for the GOP and potentially dangerous for Democrats.

"He took on a second job and worked hard, but was denied due to the same legal concepts" that were designed to protect people's rights, Graham said.

The Left is obviously hellbent on imposing racism onto Americans. They'll do anything to achieve their hateful objectives. Including forcing the confirmation of a known, hateful, racist and sexist into the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Left obviously hates "white" folks and dyslexics, acting as if it's that to allow them to defend their rights isn't acceptable.

We must condemn those awful, monstrously-dangerous-to-civil-rights, hateful Left-Wing Extremists!

More stuff related to this, including the Left's jihad against Joe the Plumber to destroy him just like they seek to destroy Mr. Ricci and anyone else posing a threat to Obama and the Left, like, say, Sarah Palin, who resigned because of this stupid-ass jihad of the Left against everyone not on their side and posing a grave threat to the Voters' perceptions about Obama and the Democrats:

The Tolerant Left

("Tolerant" as used in that title is meant to be ironic and sarcastic)