Saturday, July 04, 2009

Morristown Tea Party Draws 2,000

Not seeing much reporting on the Tea Parties that were held today, Independence Day, across America.

But here's one report I've found so far.

Despite a hot and sunny break from weeks of rain, angry taxpayers skipped the beaches and crammed onto the Morristown Green -- a historical site of revolutionary activity during the Revolutionary War -- to express their frustration with increasing taxes and call for smaller government.

Though the tea party movement has focused on taxation, today's event felt more like an old-fashioned free-speech protest, with flag-waving protesters carrying signs that read "America's no longer free" and "Save our constitution!"

Attendees wearing tea bag earrings and hats with tea bags hanging from them were a bipartisan crowd, brought together by a mutual feeling of American pride and disgust over policies believed to increase the burden on taxpayers.

"I don't see a crowd of Democrats and Republicans," conservative blogger Tom Adkins told a cheering crowd. "I see a crowd of Americans."

The next Tea Party will take place September 12th.

Anybody seen any other reports? Extra points if they're from the Old Media....