Thursday, July 09, 2009

Iggy Yaps, Flaps Lips With Cliched Attack Talking Points

Yap, yap, yap, went Michael Ignatieff.

ht: NNW

OTTAWA–Canada's "fragile" unity is being rattled by a rigidly Conservative government that plays "region against region and language group against language group," Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff told an international gathering in London this evening.

Sheesh. Iggy, Iggy, Iggy... How many times have we heard the same old, same old Liberal attack talking points? "Fragile unity"? You mean like it was fragile the last time the Liberals were in power, with separatism sentiment at its all-time historical highs all across the nation, after which it fell dormant with the election of the Conservatives, and has remained so ever since? Gosh-darn, man, haven't you a clue what's been going on in Canada, including right now? Are you so out of touch that you're as ignorant now as when you were AWOL from Canada for more than three decades?

"We understand that pragmatic political leadership and moderate government are conditions of our survival," Ignatieff said.

Same old, same old. Gotta be "moderate, centrist", yadda, yadda, yadda... (the Liberal Party can hardly be considered "moderate", having taken extreme position after extreme position, and passed extreme bill after extreme bill to reengineer the very foundation of Canada and attack Western civilization in favor of her enemies).

And who can deny that the Conservatives have been anything but "pragmatic" and "moderate"? They're infamously annoyingly pragmatic and moderate, so it's ludicrous to accuse them of being otherwise. See? Iggy's been AWOL for so bloody long that he doesn't have a clue what's what in Canadian politics. He's just parroting old, overused commie-propaganda talking points that can't work anymore because they're fooling no one but the most ignorant, clueless of fringe-element left-wing extremists. Shit, he might as well recycle the infamous and totally false "soldiers with guns in the streets in Canada" attack ads.

"In our country, a politics that arouses ethnic and regional resentment, creating wedges in order to mobilize a conservative base vote, is playing with fire."

But Iggy, if you hadn't been AWOL from Canada for over three decades, declaring your undying love for America rather than for your actual birthplace, Canada, you'd know that it's the Liberal Party that has been doing exactly that, to mobilize its Far-Left base vote! You're projecting, on the advice of people like your political attack clown.

Iggy's just a puppet of partisan propagandist advisers. He cannot think for himself any more than can Obama, or Iggy's predecessor, Stephane "Do-Over" Dion.

He's taking bad advice, and doesn't even know it's bad.

Ignorant Iggy, that ought to be his updated nickname.