Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Crazy New French Law

 Al and Peg Bundy.
They're lucky they don't live in France. 
French politicians want to treat people like them as deranged criminals, just because they're rude to each other.

Apparently French politicians have lost their minds.

Making it a crime to be rude, to be an asshole, to be insulting, etc., towards one's spouse.

Guess that logically means that pretty much all married people are criminals, then.  Whoever heard of a marriage that didn't at least involve, for example, the occasional slip of the tongue borne of a brainfart suffered by a grumpy sleep-deprived hubby or wife?  C'mon... rudeness is part of being human.  There's no avoiding being occasionally rude to those one loves.  It's inevitable, because human beings are imperfect, after all.  Why criminalize humanity?  My, but how... Leftist.

Imagine how the state apparatus would enforce this.  What an expensive, logistical nightmare.  What Hard-Left insanity!  Why further require more and more government for such a silly reason?

I think they've had a bit too much Chateauneuf du Pape Cotes du Rhone.

Kind of a variation of the ridiculous "hate speech" concept invented and discriminatively, unequally, unfairly, unconstitutionally enforced by deranged Left-Wing Extremists in the state apparati of the Free World.

Irrationality.  Illogicality.  Unrealism.

It's stupid to believe that the state apparatus can be used to make a population be more polite, by simply criminalizing rudeness!

Those Leftists... they think the state is somehow a god.  They think the state can do anything.  Just because it's big and all that, they think it must necessarily be omnipotent or something.

Of course, they think that everyone must make sacrifices to the state "god".  That's why they confiscate our money all the time.  But what their "god" promised, through its propagandists, really doesn't get delivered.  No wonder people are leaving that faith all the time, particularly in America, where a guy named Obama was pretty much sold to voters as if he was some kind of god (which some in the Big Old Media apparently believe he is!).

That's pretty much why I never do and never, ever will vote for Leftist politicians and parties!

Oh, and it also appears that those French politicians want to import an intended-for-humor-only figment of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld's imagination into French real life.

In France, people like the New York Four would be imprisoned for a year... just for being assholes.
Who would be next?  You and me!
God help France!


Thunderstick said...

Aren't the french famous for being assholes? Hmmmmm, the courts are gonna be busy!

glasnost said...

The French are no more assholes than are Canadians. Don’t believe for a second that this kind of nonsense is the will of the people of France. Although it seems that many western democracies have been infected with a bug that causes weak people to believe that their salvation is in more rules imposed by bigger government, thankfully the majority of people in France and Canada and the rest of the western world are not weak; instead they are modest and humble but they have a breaking point.

The nonsensical proposed laws we’re reading about are a last-ditch effort by those weak people who will soon be expunged from the corridors of power. The year 2010 will be the awakening; first up are the French regional elections in March then the biggie, United Kingdom national elections in May.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Right. And the Leftist politicians are apparently unaware of the Peoples' "breaking point".