Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vote Fraud Now Very Risky In Mass.

Because The People are watching like hawks.

There's people and cameras everywhere, poised ready to catch and expose crooked voters.
“The message to anyone thinking about committing election fraud in Massachusetts is this: We will find you.  Our camera teams could be anywhere,” Tripp declared, concluding, “We’re one of many groups engaged in monitoring the Massachusetts special election.  The question individuals should be asking when they consider committing fraud is, ‘Is it worth the risk?’”

Obviously, there's lots of incentive for certain folks to cheat to try to keep the Senate seat in Democratic hands.

Well, The People have had enough of the cheating, the fraud... and are going to be watching...

Any ACORNies dare?  Better not.  Better forget about that vote fraud crap from now on.

And the racist New Black Panthers better not try that infamous polling-station racial-intimidation stunt again, either.

UPDATE (ht: Glasnost):

Foulmouthed Hard-Left Obamacrat Ed Schulz indicates his inclination to cheat:

How many Obamacrats (and how frequently)... CHEAT?

What else will they do to win?  How far will they go?

Remember, the Democrats are the Party of the Ku Klux Klan, their terrorist wing, who not only murdered blacks for not being white, but also Republicans of whatever color (many blacks were in the Republican Party at the time), for not being Democrats (it's irrelevant that today they've got some black folks, including Obama, for they're clearly Hard-Left, doublethinking, hypocritical, amoral tokens who recently proved beyond all reasonable doubt, thanks to Senator Harry Reid and their automatic forgiveness of his racism hurled towards Obama, himself not caring either, that they don't care about racism at all, nor do they care that their own party is forever tainted with racial hatred for them)...

And the Democrats never confessed, nor apologized, for their horrible racist heritage, and they obviously couldn't care less today. Clearly, they're not sorry, just like their puppetmaster-owner George Soros isn't repentant at all for his happily-admitted part in facilitating the Holocaust!  (At least Soros admitted, albeit unrepentantly, to his crimes against humanity).

And remember also that the Democrats have been proven over and over again to be unscrupulous whenever it suits them.  Just watch them do whatever it takes to impose their "healthcare reform" bill onto Americans, most of whom are deadset against having it...

And what evidence is there that Obamacare is something good for Americans, as opposed to a key Trojan Horse for a lot of stuff that will be bad for America and good for those who just want to use America for personal gain and/or for hatred of all the good things for which America stands?

The Democratic Party is clearly a rich man's party.  Their claim to care about the ordinary people is nothing but a big lie.  The only thing they care about is their own asses.  They'll do anything Soros tells them.


glasnost said...

“For the rest of the voting population, they need only provide a name and address associated with the voting list at the polling location,” Tripp said. “This enables multiple votes at multiple locations, with neither poll workers nor poll watchers having any means to detect the fraud, nor any means of verifying the actual identity of a voter showing up at the polls.”

I find it difficult to believe that a person's name would be on voters lists at more than one polling location. However there are still ways to cheat if one is so disposed.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Of course. Perhaps by design by corrupt politicians, it's this way, with the lax rules and procedures, to facilitate cheating. Perhaps the corrupt politicians count on this sort of thing for a greater chance of victory.

Where I am, they don't give a damn whether I've got any proof I'm the right person. They just ask, "Is this your address?" when I present my voting card thingy. No request for ID. They just cross the address off so no one else can use it for voting. Of course, the possibility of having someone steal the voting card from one's mailbox or something... that could enable fraud, no problem.

I can't believe how easy it would be to cheat. Just like that. They're not allowed to give a crap; just let you in, cross the address off, period.

Elections are obviously not as secure as they could be... not even close. Kind of worrying, especially after the last Presidential election, with ACORN, with the New Black Panther racist thugs intimidating white voters and the Obama-loyalist black racists who aggressively, with the police nearby looking the other way, kept whites from voting. Yep. All available on YouTube (for now, anyway, until they take it down to protect the criminals). Big Media somehow apparently forbidden to tell us about it.

glasnost said...

It seems that some people are proud of the fact that they would cheat in an election.

Jen said...

I prefer the 'dipping' of the right forefinger into a special ink bottle to verify that you have voted. The stain remains on the finger for a few days.
By the way, no other fingers are allowed except of course of serious ingury which requires a doctor's note.
And if you want to use the other hand by going to another area to vote again both hand have to be on the table when you sign your name. This is how the observers can tell whether you have previously voted and or have scrubbed your ink finger which is difficult to do.

Anonymous said...

Silly, Silly, Sentinel. Don't you know that only Republicans engage in voter fraud? How can you tell? It's when a Republican wins of course! That is the only time there is voter fraud. When a Democrat wins, it's funny how there is never any complaint.

Strange that.

Chris in the Bridge