Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IPCC In Big Trouble

Of course, they brought it upon themselves.  They couldn't stow their craps for too long.

Canadian "climate scientist" Andrew Weaver is sounding what could be interpreted as a death knell for the IPCC, a creature of the corrupted-by-evil United Nations.

The interesting thing is that he's been one of the Big Liars, one of the Screaming Chicken (nope, not the big birdies on the Firebird Trans Am hoods!) Littles pretending to be "scientists".

He's never, ever been a "denier".  Quite the opposite.  That's a problem for his comrades.

He seems to have seen the light, had an epiphany, as it were.
That Mr. Weaver now thinks it necessary to set himself up as the voice of scientific reason, and as a moderate guardian of appropriate and measured commentary on the state of the world's climate, is firm evidence that the IPCC is in deep trouble. He's getting out while the getting's good, and blaming the IPCC's upper echelon for the looming crisis.

In the language typical of an IPCC report, one might say that the radiative forcing created by Climategate and Glaciergate strongly suggest this is very likely to bring about cataclysmic melting of the organization within the next portion of the current decadal period. The words "very likely" in IPCC risk assessment terms mean a 90% or greater probability that something will happen. As it looks now, the IPCC is burnt toast and unless it is overhauled fast there's a 90% probability the climate-change political machine is going to come crashing down.
Hmm.  Shades of the meltdown of the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union.

And of the United Socialist States of Obamerica (which is why They The People must get rid of those Obamacrooks as soon as freaking possible!).
Mr. Weaver's acknowledgement that Climategate -- the release/leak/ theft of thousands of incriminating emails from a British climate centre showing deep infighting and number manipulation -- demonstrates a problem is real news in itself. When Climategate broke as a story last November, Mr. Weaver dismissed it as unimportant and appeared in the media with a cockamamie story about how his offices had also been broken into and that the fossil-fuel industry might be responsible for both Climategate and his office break-in.
Definitely a stunning reversal.  Stunning and staggering.  WTF!   First he, like many of his comrades 'n' cronies, lied to our faces on TV.  Now he's admitting to the truth.

A confession, it is.  A pre-emptive plea-bargain to save his ass, as he now sees the future more clearly.  Undeniable reality slapped his face, hard, and he's jumping ship as he sees the (admittedly growing, not melting) iceberg approaching...  Talk about smartening up.  He sees the writing on the wall, can read the tea leaves, etc...

Expect more like him to follow.   

This is how "great" organizations collapse!
The latest IPCC fiasco looks even more damaging. In the 2007 IPCC report that Mr. Weaver said revealed climate change to be a barrage of intergalactic ballistic missiles, it turns out one of those missiles -- a predicted melting of the Himalayan ice fields by 2035 -- was a fraud. Not an accidental fraud, but a deliberately planted piece of science fiction. The IPCC author who planted that false Himalayan meltdown said the other day "we" did it because "we thought ... it will impact policy makers and politicians and encourage them to take some concrete action."
Ah... see?  They lie!  A LOT!

Yet more lies exposed.  Yet more fake "scientists" exposed lying.

Every day, more is exposed.  I honestly can't even keep up with it all, and this should tell you how much, how quickly, is coming out of the skeleton closet.

Question for Hard-Left "intellectuals":

Is it really lying if you're lying about "going along with" people who are lying?

Or is it being smart and doing the right thing the only way it possibly can be done?  I can see PM Harper's strategy here:  Play along whilst the liars shoot their feet so full of holes that they fall down and we no longer have to play along.  This is why Stephen Harper is perhaps the greatest Prime Minister in Canadian History... he's smart enough to "play the game" and still do the right thing.  Weaker leaders (and it appears that there are many out there) would've just either submitted completely to the propaganda and pressure or had militated completely against the whole thing (and, owing to their lack of understanding of how to patiently play the game to survive to do the right thing, probably would've been removed from power by usurping fools), but Harper did what had to be done, like it or not.  One thing he isn't is a "liar", I'm sorry to say to Hard-Left "intellectuals".

It isn't a lie if you are being properly disingenous when pretending to be going along with an actual lie.  It's politics, and sometimes that's how politics is done.  It's got to be done, too.

How can one be lying if one's lying about believing a lie?

Yep.  That's how smart Stephen Harper is.  He knows how to make things work for the better even when it looks like they're going to go down the tubes.  If it involves "playing the game", then so be it; can't avoid it.  It's the reality of the world, and of politics.  Only fools believe that politics can be turned into something utopian.

Ok, time to get a little ranty and personal, but you may find it worthwhile reading, as it, I believe, does have some germaneness vis-a-vis the topic...

Anyway, I've got three..., nope, four, incandescents burning as we speak, and I frankly don't see how that possibly could cause polar bear deaths, or cause icebergs to melt.  Besides, I hate fluorescent light- it causes headaches, crappy moods, and is bad for your skin.  And if you break 'em, you might get mercury poisoning, too, though not enough to kill you right away, but any amount can cause harm, like, for example, to your brain, which begs the question:  Do the global warmists break a lot of CFL bulbs and breathe in the airborne mercury?  That'd explain the shocking mental disorder with which my childhood idol David Suzuki has suddenly come down.

Speaking of David Suzuki and why I thought so highly of him as a child as I watched The Nature of Things...

He sounded so calm, authorative, rational... as a child, one does tend to believe adults who sound like they know what they're talking about (though they don't always, of course).  I was unable to find a deceptive bone in him.  Of course, I was just a little guy then, and was essentially programmed at that time to believe everything the first adult told me.

My, but how I've changed, forced to do so each and every time reality slapped me in the face and forced me to acknowledge the inconvenient and painful truths as they became apparent.

No longer am I impressed by soothing, authorative tones (of course, now, at least until I finally get one of those Star-Trek's-Borg-reminiscent implants -as did Rush Limbaugh, with whom I obviously identify-, being unable to hear people as they speak, and having to rely on lipreading and on face-reading, on body language and on analysis of actual content, etc., I'm immune to manipulative delivery tones, immune to the Pied Pipers of the World, and I believe that makes a lot of difference in my case).  Not that I'd think that these soothing, rational tones are still coming from David "throw 'em all in jail" Suzuki!  Oh, and by the way, I'm advised that I actually lack tone.  That's because I forgot about the whole "tone" thing whilst focussing on pronunciation, logic, reason and on making sense.   Guess I sound like the Terminator or something, eh!

Reminds me of Obama, He of the Golden Tongue.  I'm sure that if I was again four years old, I'd think the guy was some kind of demigod, like the Left and the Big Old Media apparently do!

But being older and wiser as to the reality of the world and of people, including so-called "authorities", I know better.  I also know the terrible truth about the United Nations, which begat the IPCC.


Watcher said...

Wonder if any Nobel prizes will be returned?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Not a chance. They won't be taken back, either. Seems the Nobel folks are in on it all, too. Hell, they even gave Barry a Nobel Peace Prize, just for being sworn into office and saying a lot of good-sounding stuff about "peace"!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Wonder if I, too, can get a Nobel Peace Prize just for going around saying, "peace is good!" and stuff like that?

ragtime said...

Im so glad that we on planet earth arent doomed any more,however now that global warming is over there is going to be alot of out of work people from the ipcc,now that governments will stop funding their junk science.I predict,by the year twenty twenty someone could be collecting your trash as you leave for work,now if im right i wonder if i could get funding from world governments for corectly predicting the future?