Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hard-Left Teabaggers Show Their True Mentality

Yep.  Suuuure.  Mainstream-Canadiana representatives delivering the kind of sentiment Mainstream Canadiana holds.  Oh, look!  They want a "coaition", or, properly spelled, "coalition", (neo-communist; ie. Liberal-NDP-Green-Bloc-Marxist-Leninist) government, which we recall Mainstream Canadiana held a REAL Tea Party protest against in late 2008 when the Three Stooges' Coalition attempted to usurp the just-re-elected government for refusing to plunge Canada into the red for the useless idea of "stimulating" the economy (Obama proved that the myth of Keynesianist interventionism doesn't work; Canada did pretty well, even though most of our budgeted "stimulus" was never even spent).

So Harper gives MPs a few extra weeks off of Christmas break.  That makes him "Hitler"???  See, those "progressives" truly have a mental disorder!

Oh, and, look- they can't spell worth shit, either.  "Coaition"?!  WTF is a "coaition"???  Hmm... is that like... coaitus, as in coaitus interruptus?  Too bad their mom and dad weren't into that, eh!

Anybody wanna bet that these freakazoids were sent by ACORN-Canada?

Somebody send that picture to!

Anyway, here's the perspective of astute political observer Orville H., via e-mail:

From this article in the Globe And Mail

"A crowd of about 100 stood outside the legislature in Halifax"

"In Edmonton, about 250 people"

"In Montreal, hundreds also stood in a downtown public square"

It is  safe to assume that numbers are worse in other cities in Canada or they would report them.
To think if anything these figures are inflated, what a dismal turnout for this big rally promoted by the partisan pundits in the media.

Since the CBC took this demonstration on as a personal crusade with incessant publicity for the last few weeks, and yesterday running on screen messages inviting people to attend the prorogation demonstrations in their communities, must just demonstrate once again, that obviously nobody watches the CBC, and we should maybe begin a Face Book protest, that Canadian taxpayers are wasting  a billion dollars a year subsidizing this broadcasting abortion.  One thing you can be sure, after what Canadians saw on TV and read, these same pundits will not be able to convince Canadians this was a huge success and demonstration - it was a dismal flop. Three party leaders Ignatieff. Layton and May,  at the rally in Ottawa as headliners and entertainment couldn't hold a thousand people there for the duration of the rally. Ignatieff will now have to go back to the drawing board, and follow through with his earlier promise in January "to investigate the conduct of our troops on the ground" in Afghanistan, who they have accused of being complicit in committing war crimes in Afghanistan because "they detained and handed over for torture a lot of innocent people". What is more, all Ignatieff and the Liberals have found, to this point in time for substantiation of their accusations of abuse, is some Taliban detainee being hit with a shoe, but their slurs and condemnations of our military continue.

To end on something light, the CBC are reporting, would you believe,  that in Calgary "a group of protesters gathered outside the prime minister’s constituency office" ( it was never clarified but it was reported that these were people actually waiting for a bus and not prorogation protesters) and the CBC didn't mention, that in vast majority of the cities across Canada, nobody but nobody showed up.
Sheesh.  The Big Old Media essentially either ignored or only briefly mentioned (sometimes childishly, vulgarly pejoratively) the REAL protests in America, the Tea Party protests... but they're trying to make the socialist freaks sound like Mainstream Canadiana, even though very few, relatively, bothered to show up nationwide (and WTF was up with the protests in other countries- is it really an international socialist thing, then?).

Now... this is what a REAL grassroots, mainstream protest looks like... remember the one in Washington against the Obamacrat Reich:

Now, that's something.


The gatherings in Canada yesterday... nothing... nothing... gimme a break... nothing to see there.


The two young women holding the signs, well, they're a mystery duo.  To wit, via the comments @ smalldeadanimals:

FYI about these two demonstrators (I agree, clearly illiterate and offensive):
They were asked by organisers to either remove the (Hitler) sign or remove themselves from the demonstration. Both were also wearing masks to conceal their identities, and did not participate in chants nor the march, and left when the media had dissipated.
The photo taken here is of them on the outskirts of the demonstration.

Posted by: Banana at January 24, 2010 6:22 PM
You might like to know that these two protesters had NOTHING to do with the anti-prorogation rally and only turned up to get some photos taken by a so called Progressive Conservative supporter. I can assure you that they are not students of the UoW and quickly ran off when approached and asked to remove their signs. Their faces were also obscured by wasn't that cold.

Posted by: GW at January 24, 2010 8:15 PM

You know, we've got to take the whole protest thing with a grain of salt.  Apparently folks aren't necessarily whom they appear to be.  Some are apparently phony.


"Prorogue King", Liberal Leader-Wannaba Bob Rae, Seen With Kid Wearing CCCP Toque At "Non-Partisan" Anti-Prorogue Protest!

Photo: Chris Young/Canadian Press.
Found at Globe and Mail website.

Keeping company with CCCP.  
Bob Rae.  Liberal.
Big, fat, Hard-Left HYPOCRITE!

Oh, my... eh!

Via the Globe and Mail, Prime Minister Harper's office had the following to say:
From: Alerte-Info-Alert
To: Alerte-Info-Alert
Sent: Sun Jan 24 14:32:40 2010
Subject: Bob Rae's hypocrisy on prorogation

While the Prime Minister and members of the Conservative government continue to focus on Haiti relief efforts and meet with Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast to plan the upcoming budget, senior Liberals like Bob Rae continue to make partisan attacks on the routine parliamentary procedure of prorogation. And when it comes to prorogation, Bob Rae certainly is an expert.

Veteran Queen's Park observer Christina Blizzard labels Rae “King of Prorogues” in today’s Toronto Sun.

Blizzard writes, “Rae’s NDP won power Sept. 6, 1990. On Dec. 19, 1991, Rae prorogued the House. They didn’t come back until April 6, 1992. He then prorogued again, Dec. 10, 1992 — and didn’t come back until April 13, 1993.

By 1994, his government had run out of steam. They were running double-digit deficits and he’d doubled the debt. Some of his experimental policies proved laughable at best and disastrous at worst.

Limping badly, he prorogued for the third time on Dec. 9, 1994. The House did not sit again until the legislature was dissolved April 28, 1995. Rae didn’t even bring in a budget that year.”

Our Government has been clear: the next budget will be tabled on March 4th, 2010. It will focus on implementing the second phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, on bringing the budget back into balance and reducing the deficit, and on ensuring a strong economic recovery.

Last year, when the global economy was in free fall, Bob Rae and the rest of the Ignatieff Liberals did not contribute one idea to Canada’s Economic Action Plan. They were focussed on forming a coalition government Canadians did not want.

Sadly, Canadians can expect the same lack of interest in Canada’s economic future from the Liberal Party this year.

While the Liberals are “at work” launching hypocritical attacks, the Conservative Government is meeting with Canadians and working to strengthen the Canadian economy.

... inconvenient truth for the Liberals, Canada's biggest hypocrites... eh! 


Daniel said...

Per Globe and Mail national numbers, approximately 27000 protesters across Canada turned up for anti-prorogation rallies . There were 210000 members of the national Facebook group (and note it was over 1000 in the Winnipeg Facebook group you ranted about below, btw Winnipeg is a relatively small western city, about 1/30th the population of Canada). Let's compare this to the Anti-Coalition movement last year whose Facebook group was only able to garner about 127000 members but was able to get out in force approximately 10000 protester to irl rallies. This was declared to be a gesture of anti-coalition uprising, and this was confirmed by national pollsters with Conservative support soaring, especially amongst those that thought this was somehow undemocratic and a coup d'etat (obviously uneducated on how a parliamentary democracy should work). The anti-prorogation rallies gathered a large portion of their support from outside Facebook, this could be construed as a gesture of anti-prorogation uprising by any but the most cynical right-wing spinsters. The rally in Winnipeg had long-time Progressive Conservatives on planning committees, but one must note that they would use the word progressive in describing themselves, and hence are not always able to go with Mr Harper's power at any cost attitude. I myself voted PC in the last election which had a PC candidate for my federal riding.

As for protesters saying that Harper = Hitler. I cannot agree with any use of the reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy. Harper does not equal Hitler, but neither does Che Guevera, who may not have been someone I would agree with, but is certainly not equivalent in his politics or methods to Hitler, Manson, Stalin, et al, with which you equated him below. I might also add that you made this comparison with pictures but no cogent argument was even attempted to link these figures which would certainly put you in the same class as the ignorant sensationalist holding the sign in your posted photo.

I read some of your early posts and found them to be quite intelligent and well thought out. I can see from the posts over at least the last month you are not even trying to be anything more than a right-wing nutjob. I find myself doubting you are conservative at all, as you're poorly structured criticisms and poorly worded rants, taken at face value, could only be considered either in the same class as the gentleman I see ranting on the street corner about aliens, the end of the world and conspiracy theories, or a cleverly crafted attempt to paint conservatives as backwards, ignorant and uneducated. Keep it up, friend. You are a powerful ally to the liberal left-wing teabagegrs.

Patrick Ross said...


If you were offended by the Harper = Hitler sign -- as you should be -- don't you think you should refrain from the "Obamacrat Reich" crack?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I can see that I've poked a nerve with something sharp, here...

Peter Dodson said...

So CS dismisses a protest that had more people overall than a protest he lauded last year as significant and then gives someone a hard time for comparing a leader they don't like to Hitler - hey CS, do a search for Hitler on your site and see how much of a hypocrite you are.

The bigger issue is why would you poo-poo an expression of democracy, something you claim to love. First you support Harper proroguing for little to no reason (imagine if a Liberal had done that CS) and then dismiss a protest - democracy in action. Just give up the charade CS and come on out. You love Conservatives and will never admit they have done anything wrong and hate Liberals. You are a partisan hack and nothing more.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And, Patrick, um, lemme think... hmm... ah, nope.

No parallel there. None whatsoever.

Peter Dodson said...

I can see that I've poked a nerve with something sharp, here...

Classic CS tactic he employs to not have to answer tough questions. Of course you poked a nerve - your wrong and a hypocrite. Why don't you try answering some of the questions, or are you just too dumb?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah, and heeeeere's the self-proclaimed Mayor of Dodosville, Sessional Lecturer Dodson...

You can tell he's one of those socialists, sooo easily...

Peter Dodson said...

No parallel there. None whatsoever.

And why is that CS - is it because in one instance you did it (which is OK) and in another, someone else did it? Because that's the only reason I can see. Not only are you dumb, but your a coward as well.

Peter Dodson said...

Ah, and heeeeere's the self-proclaimed Mayor of Dodosville, Sessional Lecturer Dodson...

You can tell he's one of those socialists, sooo easily..

That's all you've got? Really? Seriously, CS, you have to be smarter than this.

Canadian Sentinel said...

More people overall? Ah, that would be nationally, not in one place.

Besides, there's something fishy about non-Canadians in other countries protesting Canada on a little, tiny thing that doesn't affect them...

Bah. Show me the impressive numbers.

And when Mainstream Canadiana was mad at the Three Socialists, I recall that they put the Conservative polling numbers past the 50% mark. Today? Well, they're tied with, and slightly ahead of the Liberals.

The protests? No evidence whatsoever that they're Mainstream Canadiana.

They're all Left-Wing Extremist Teabaggers, Astroturfers, racists, you name it... everything the Obamacrats tried to smear the American People with.

Turnabout is fair play.

Suffer the consequences, you socialist fools! You brought it upon yourselves. Shoe's on the other foot. Can't complain, so... shut up!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Peter, Obama and the 'crats have proven over and over again that they're socialists, fascists, non-democratic, etc., etc...

Of course, you never noticed. You're the Three Monkeys personified!

Canadian Sentinel said...


This is fun! :b

Canadian Sentinel said...

you have to be smarter than this.

YOU said that??? Peter Dodson?

You wouldn't know "smart" if it was staring you in the face.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Anyway, moving on... I mean, like I've got any lessons to take from the Hard Left... yeah, suuuure.

They've none to render. None. I've been waiting all my life for them to do that, but they came up with nothing but pure dogma and propaganda. That's why I left their community for good.

Daniel said...

For the record, the international protests were of expat Canadians voicing their displeasure with their government, not non-Canadians. Do you ever even try to get the facts before you spew your unfounded, uneducated opinions on the net? All this information is readily available if you would only look, but, alas, this is not be the neo-conservative way. I said it before, "Keep it up, friend. You are a powerful ally to the liberal left-wing teabagegrs." Thank you for all your hard work to marginalize the conservative movement by portraying it as made up of right-wing nut jobs. Real conservatives--Progressive Conservatives--are realists who want to work for the betterment of Canada and Canadians.

I also note you are unwilling or unable to form a response to my comment. Ignore the dissent, spin the negativity, and make personal attacks against people--the Conservative way.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Look who's talking about "spin".

Daniel said...

Thank you for supporting my comments' validity with your lack of cogent response (a little "I know you are but what am I?"'ish). Enjoy your neo-con hug-fest. I'm off to find a conservative blogger who can support his statements with reasoned arguments.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Believe whatever you wish.

I know you do. It's obvious.

Hmm... why not show me a Leftist who supports all of his/her claims with evidence?

Good luck finding one.

Canadian Sentinel said...

But I want to compliment you on your unusual civility compared to the usual Leftist commentor. You're a rare one with potential.

Maybe one day I'll be in the mood to engage your brain directly and frankly, as opposed to right now.

Today, however, is more about tit-for-tat, and that's that. My prerogative.

Besides, no one proved to me that what I said is wrong. Y'all just want me to say what you're saying, ie. your spin, ie. "Oh, it's democracy in action".

But what is democracy? It's voting.



Besides, where's the horrific polling numbers for the Tories? Show me something worse than a tie with the Liberals, eh?

I see no evidence that there's a massive groundswell of anger against the government. None whatsoever.

It's artificial, manufactured via propaganda via the Big Old Media working with the Hard Left and the Liberal Party.

You guys are sooooo easily fooled by seeing and hearing stuff around you. Your problem is that you don't step back, close your eyes, ignore the noise, turn your brain on fully and then gather real, objective evidence with proper perspective.

If you guys had done that...

Canadian Sentinel said...


How come when I DO get perfectly, absolutely reasonable, and do a post that proves something inconvenient to the Left... suddenly there's no Leftists within visual range?

But when I do what's clearly a tongue-in-cheek, y'all-did-it-to-us-and-now-I-get-to-do-it-to-y'all post, there's Leftists with a poopflinging howitzer bombarding me all of a sudden, trying to say, "look, see, the Sentinel isn't serious at all, folks!"...

How come when I'm absolutely reasonable and prove something beyond all doubt, not one single Leftist comes on to praise me for being as they're always demanding me to be?

WTF's up with that?

Yep. Think about that...

It's the infamous LEFTIST DOUBLE STANDARD again!

Jen said...

Christmas Break for the politicians from: Dec 20-Jan 25th
Olympics starts from : Feb12-Feb 25

Parliament resumes March 3

Instead of returning to HOC(Q/P) on the 25th, and knowing that many politicians bought tickets to the OYMPIC games, and seeing that there will not be many at the HOC to discuss matters- The prime minister felt that it would be of no use opening the Q/P only for a few days with an handful of people. Mind you, politicians will be working at their home base.

I don't expect the LPOC to work either since they never did before. The only thing that they the liberals, worked on was how to steal money from the public for their personal use and their media buddies.
Also, I find it amusing that LAYTON cares for the 'little guy' when in fact he went against every budget bill which the PM had in the budget things for LAYTON'S 'little guy'.

In Layton's riding alone, he got only 45% of their vote.

I don't expect the socialist media to know the definition of 'work' since they have been in bed with the LPOC for over 30yrs.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Got an email from someone claiming that the two "balaclava-wearing" women were allegedly seen talking to a "Conservative party worker" and then allegedly ran away after being approached to be questioned about their signs.

I responded rationally to the emailer, asking HIM for proof of what he's claiming, in light of his demanding the name and contact info of the photographer, which I'm unsure I'll be able to get (SDA does credit someone by first name).

It's possible that the emailer is making this up, so I'm still waiting for his evidence...

He also said something about Hitler and something someone from Germany said to him about regretting "looking the other way" back then... sounds like he's trying to equate Hitler to Harper, just like the girl with the sign.

A most suspicious email.

Probably won't hear back from him.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, I heard back from him.

Turns out to be a decent fellow who simply had doubts about the picture and wanted to entertain them with me.

Turns out that these doubts are perfectly appropriate, as I've asked for and gotten via some Winnipeggers in the SDA comments thread.

The two women with the signs and masks are suspicious indeed and apparently not part of the actual protest. Seems they were party to some kind of fringe propaganda stunt, hoping to be covered by the Big Old Media. Who knows?

Jen said...

Bob Rae bankrupt ONTARIO prorogued his government; supports 'the tamil -ltte-tigers' he was denied entry into Sri-Lanka and who is a Socialist like his buddy LAYTON, likes being a 'pretend' liberal now, where he can continue from where he left off as ndp premier of Ontario), with the liberal medias behind him and protecting him.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the "CCCP" on the youth's toque is photoshopped in. There is an original floating around there in Facebook cyber-space. Just another FYI.

Patrick Ross said...

"No parallel there. None whatsoever."

What? Just on your own say-so?

Here's a little history homework: go look up who called for a "Thousand year reich", then feel free to come back and join the rest of us in the real world.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Anon, do you have a link?

Boy, that'd be bad for both the G&M and for the CP if that was exposed. We remember when other big news orgs were caught doing it to make Israel look bad and to make pollution look scarier.


Of course, the one on FaceBook, what if THAT one's a PhotoShop? What if the CCCP toque is the original, and the FB version is altered?

Then we'd have to have forensic experts investigate...

Geez! It's becoming harder and harder to know whom to believe, the Big Old Media or FaceBook, these days...

Canadian Sentinel said...


If the Harper folks are parallel in dictatorial, Constitution-ignoring behavior to the Obama folks, then please demonstrate with point form.

Do you truly believe that the Harper folks are as bad as the Obamacrats? Where, specifically, and please back it up with a link, did they demonstrate their utter contempt for the Constitution?

Be warned: I'm back into serious mode right now, so I suggest you put on your serious hat, too.

I'd like to see evidence that you're as aware of the world around you, ie. current & historical events, as you seem to believe you are. Don't know you much, so show me your situation awareness.

BoredomCorner said...

Teeny-tiny problem: the people who did the Harper = Hitler sign, were actually plants from the Tories.

That's right, YOUR SIDE.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Prove it, BoredomCorner.

No proof, no belief.

The belief, at this point, absent proof... is that you are nothing more than a conspiracy theorist who cannot provide evidence because there isn't any.

And you know how those are regarded by society.

I could as easily have said that they were plants from the Liberals, but folks like you would've said that, absent proof, I'm a liar.

Boy, that picture's really got you Hard-Lefties' panties in a wedgie...