Monday, January 25, 2010

An Inconvenient Movie

What the Obamacrats don't want you to go see!

Based on a TRUE STORY.

"Don't hope for a miracle.  Make one!"

No, The Government can't make any miracles, nor does it care to save lives.

Yes, The People can make miracles and save lives.

After all, governments aren't human, and cannot care.

Only people are human and can care.

Say NO! To socialist-only medical systems!  They only oppress us, and frequently deny us our human rights and dignity!

Say YES! To FREEDOM!  After all, it's....  A HUMAN RIGHT!

Hear that, socialist?  A HUMAN RIGHT!  You guys say you care about that, so...

Drew Zahn reviews... (And socialists will totally hate his review):
Instead of making out corporations to be the bad guys and government solutions like socialized health care the hero, the film actually portrays the power of a people motivated by personal gain. And in the end, it's private medicine that rides to the rescue and brings the film to a satisfying conclusion.

Inevitably, the failure of every communist and socialist economy in history has been tied to the system's inability to inspire hard work and ingenuity. When there is no incentive to strive, no reward for excellence or penalty for idleness, from where does the citizenry derive its motivation? Humans are not inherently industrious or benevolent, but lazy and self-centered; a fact missed by the historically, biblically and economically ignorant that continue to push socialism on the U.S.

Capitalism, on the other hand, has created in America obscene amounts of productivity and wealth. It has inspired technological advancement and medical breakthroughs galore.

Shockingly, "Extraordinary Measures" – unlike most of the Hollywood left – actually seems to know its history. It would be extraordinary, I suppose, except that "Extraordinary Measures" claims to be "inspired on a true story," instead of inspired by a Michael Moore fantasy.

Definitely a must-see!

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