Monday, January 18, 2010

Nazis In Toronto, Brownshirting 'Zionists'

In David Miller's Toronto.


Holy shee-it.


On the streets.

In Toronto.

I didn't make this up.

Hitler's ghost lives on... in the bodies of Jew-haters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What will we do about it?

First, get rid of Mayor David Miller, and the McGuinty Liberal Reich, because neither gives a shit.

Now that it's clear that in Toronto, bigotry, intolerance and exclusion are legal and protected by the state apparatus, then, hey, let's give the Nazis a taste of their own medicine!

Oh, wait... can't.  'Cause Herr Miller's brownshirts (they call them "police" today) won't let us, because we're not Nazis like those Hard-Left Jew-haters are.

Hmm.  You know, Christians are also victims of the same kind of fascism as are "Zionists".

I've posted about the same kind of fascism being visited upon Christians who were simply standing in public, not bothering anyone at all, not far from homosexually-themed gatherings, and not far from abortion clinics.

So the fascists today are those who love "Palestine" and hate Israel and Jews, plus the homosexual militants, plus the abortionists, both groups of whom, the majority in which hate Christians.

As for the "police", they take orders from politicians like Miller and McGuinty, and will break the Charter of Rights and Freedoms if ordered to do so, whilst looking the other way with respect to crimes being commited by special groups on the Hard Left or those supported by same.

Oh, and the Big Old Media won't tell us about this fascism.  Because they're actually fascists themselves, and aren't going to shoot their own people in the foot.


Jen said...

Oh, and the Big Old Media won't tell us about this fascism. Because they're actually fascists themselves, and aren't going to shoot their own people in the foot.

these people in the 'old media are doomed already; Any radical group can use them with pleasure and not one of those reporters in the 'big old media' can 'EVER' say anything against them nor protray their love for this this country because they the media(usual gang) we know of will be laughed at by those same radical groups. That's how serious it is.

Balbulican said...

Well, Scenty, Frumpy's hobby is attending legal demonstrations by groups she doesn't like, taking pictures of them, and haranguing them. On this occasion, the police asked her to respect the Breach of Peace laws. They were polite (read the transcript), and they didn't touch her.

That's "Nazi" behaviour?

glasnost said...

That's "Nazi" behaviour?

Balbulican is correct once again CS; you are indeed using an old leftie tactic, and obviously to some effect. Keep up the good work.

Josephine said...

Thanks for the link.

Balbulican said...

"you are indeed using an old leftie tactic, and obviously to some effect."

Absolutely. The complete adoption of the Alinksi playbook by the birther/teabagger team is a bit ironic, but a great compliment to him.

Sounder said...

That's "Nazi" behaviour?

As long as you go along quietly and allow the police to decide your rights for you, all will be well. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Balbulican said...

Interesting. I remember when conservatives actually claimed to support the rule of law.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Funny how Balbulican decided to focus on the least blatant example of discrimination, conveniently ignoring the other stuff. Oh, a polite cop simply reminding a citizen of the law. Nope, nothing bad about THAT. The other stuff that happened, well...

Gotta read the WHOLE post at the link, of course.

Balbulican said...

Do you believe people asked to comply with the Breach of Peace bylaw should comply, or not?

You've already indicated in other posts that you support illegal behaviour if it aligns with your political views. I'm just surprised that you're encouraging people to disrespect the police. But I guess conservatives think differently these days.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Thought experiment.

What if, instead of "Zionists" being pushed around and told they have no right to stand here or stand there, that they can be discriminated against because they're Jewish or perceived to be Jewish...

What if they were gay or Muslim instead?

Would it then be ok for ordinary citizens to walk up to them and tell them to "Go away, fag! Your presence amongst us straight Christians is breaching the peace!" or "Go away, Mussie! Your hateful, supremacist presence is frightening the hell out of the Jewish folks visiting from Israel standing over there!"?

Oh, wait... it's really just making sure they don't "breach the peace" and break the law. So it's perfectly ok to treat gays and Muslims as if they don't have equal rights.


And I know what you're doing. So do others.

Remember, the blogger said:

What had I done? I stood near (but not too close) to a gathering of anti-Israel people. I photographed them as they held their signs and candles on a public sidewalk in a public display of protest which was advertised publicly. I had spoken only when spoken to and then not with any profanity or threats. I did not have any signs, logos, buttons or flags on my person. I did not chant or sing or say anything political. I had called for the police when I felt threatened.

Tell me, Balbulican, what, in Toronto, exactly is meant by "breach of peace"?

What if homosexuals heckled a group of Christians? What if Muslims heckled a group of Jews? Do you agree that it's ok to go over to them and say, "You can't stand here and speak. You must go away. You're not allowed here. You have no right to be here. We don't care if you didn't do anything. Your very PRESENCE is offending some people, so you better go away".

How does one "breach the peace" by simply standing around and exercising one's Charter-guaranteed right to assemble in public and speak?

What are you doing, Balbulican?

Never mind. We know what you're doing.

eheesh. Just standing aside, taking pictures, saying a few words, period. Yep. That's breaching the peace. Guess we'll have to outlaw the media's reporters, too!

Guess we'll have to outlaw the anti-Israel folks. THEY'RE breacing the peace!

You're breaching the peace!

The gays are breaching the peace with their parades!

The Muslims are breaching the peace just by walking around looking Muslimy!

Fat people are breaching the peace because the sight of them is offensive to some. So is the smell. Oh, sorry, no offense to you personally, Balbulican. I know you're fat and you fart, as you said so... but you're still breaching the peace, so you can't be here, and must go away!

Stop breaching the peace!


Question: Is Toronto's "Breach the Peace" law Constitutional? Or is it something cleverly designed by the Millerites to be used to make those awful Zionists go away, violating their Charter rights in the process??? After all, Leftists don't care about peoples' rights, as long as the rights are those belonging to people they hate!

Sheesh. Leftists coming here to be stupid asses and breach the peace... nothing's more annoying. I think I'll call the cops and tell them to tell Balbulican to stop breaching the peace, that it's against the law to comment on my site...

Ah! I just loooove thought experiments. Too bad Balbulican doesn't know what those are!

Canadian Sentinel said...

If one believes a law to be unconstitutional, to violate peoples Charter rights, then one has every right to challenge it.

That law ought to be brought before the courts to have it struck down because it's vague and it's really intended and used to bully people the Hard Left hates.

Of course, if it was me in the situation, and the Liberal Fascists told me I better "stand waaaaay over there", well, yes, I would. 'Cause they've got guns, clubs, pepper spray and handcuffs. And they can make me go for a ride "downtown", have my picture taken, let me play with an inkpad and paper, all that crap, and maybe introduce me to some lovely folks sitting around in a room surrounded by cool iron bars...

Not worth it to stand up for one's rights then.

Instead, take the feckers to court!

Get the Liberal Fascist law stricken down as unconstitutional!

Tit for tat.

What's good for the Liberal Fascist Goose is good for the Freedom-Loving Gander.

Submitting to the loss of our rights, subtle loss by subtle loss, over and over again... will only lead to the total loss of all rights eventually. Slippery slope.

Letting the Liberal Fascists have their way all the time, and letting the politicians direct the police as to who gets to enjoy their rights and who doesn't... well, this can't stand!

Hmm... hey, anyone know if there's any laws against politicians controlling the police? If not, then if Harper's ever caught doing that, then no one can complain, as they don't complain when Leftist politicians order the police to let gay people walk around naked in public, waggling their exposed, erect gonads at children, and to let Muslims stand around uttering breaching-the-peace, hate-crimes-violating slogans and holding up frightening signs mentioning Islamic world dominance and mushroom clouds and saying horrible things about non-Muslim groups like Jews ("Zionists", they call Jews), etc...

Balbulican said...

May I ask why you removed my response, since you asked me several questions that I answered directly?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I didn't remove anything. Truth.

Blame Blogger. Technical thing.

Please re-submit.

Canadian Sentinel said...

On second thought, don't bother. You're in a bad mood. I just deleted your f-word and your insult on the other thread.

Somebody's grumpy and needs to go back to bed and quit obsessing over race as if it matters at all.