Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PETA's Terrorist Act Leaves Victim CabMin Defiant, To Defend Seal Hunt

Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea will NOT submit to Hard-Left terrorist tactics

So some foreign (American) Hard-Left "animal rights" extremist entered Canada and commited a terrorist act (believe it or not, a Liberal is demanding the government treat it as a terrorist act... a Liberal!  'scuse me- off to look for flying pigs) to scare Canada's Fisheries Minister into abolishing the seal hunt.

Well, it's not going to work.

The terrorists will NOT be rewarded.

PETA shall henceforth be dismissed as a terrorist organization.

Also, I'd like to highlight about PETA:

How come they think that animal life is more important than human life?  How come they have a shit fit when Obama kills a fly on TV, but they don't give a shit about the mass slaughter of innocent human beings via the womb?  That's an impossible one out of which to weasel or slither.  But then again, hey, to be Hard-Left is to believe that human life has no value, or that only certain human life has value and other human life doesn't.  It's actually rooted in Nazi ideology, as I've pointed out many, many times (Where do you think "Planned Parenthood" came from?  Do you know that founder Margaret Sanger was a supporter of Nazism, of the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party, the KKK,  of eugenics and racism?).

I bet the Left and the Big Old Media would be a lot madder if it had been an abortion doctor, or the pro-abortion Obama, or his pro-abortion Czar John Holdren, who'd been pied in the face.  No doubt the full force of the American state apparatus would come down hard on that terrorist, and it'd be used as an excuse to further persecute "right-wing extremists", ie. anyone who disagrees with the Obamacrat Agenda.

Hey, maybe we ought to start profiling "animal-rights" activists for known terrorist-organization connections. After all, just like the assfoolclown Napolitano DHS said of Mainstream Americana, such folks are potentially violent, potentially terrorists, even if they're not known to have commited an act of violence before.

Perhaps foreign PETA members should be banned from entering Canada, just like we ban known Al Qaeda members.  Oh, wait- forgot about the Khadrs, though those bastards were already here anyway.

Hey, y'know... when the Hard Left hits you, you've got to hit back every bit as hard!

Never falter, never waver.  Victory against the socialists is the only option.

Appeasement is not an option, because history teaches that it never works.

And, in closing...

Let them eat pie!


Anonymous said...

So this American woman is worried about the seals.Does she care about the ONE MILLION HUMAN BEINGS her country killed in Iraq.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Where do you get the figure of a million people killed in Iraq by the US? Prove it. Make the case. Prove that the Baathists, Al Qaeda and the Iranians didn't kill most of them during the removal of Saddam.

Maybe it'd have been better to leave Saddam alone? So he could torture more and more people to death? How is that better?

Also: How about the people Iraq under Saddam killed in Kuwait, in Iran, in Kurdistan, etc.?

Would it have really saved a million lives to have left Saddam in power? Why assume that he wouldn't have killed a million more?