Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mass. Sec Of State Blasted For Dismissing, Condescending Re Dead Voters



He, cavalierly, perhaps demonstrating his Left-Wing Extremism and aptitude to cheat, doesn't want to talk, let alone worry, about possible vote fraud using the voter registrations of people who are... dead, notwithstanding that there's well over a hundred thousand such folks six feet under or resting in little urns or boxes.  Of course, such folks can possibly only vote by proxy, which is, of course, illegal!

Doesn't the Massachusetts Secretary of State care about fair and secure elections?  Or is he one of those cheating-hellbent Left-Wing Extremists?

Astonishment ensues in response.
Though one study reportedly found as many as 116,000 dead voters on the rolls in the state, William Galvin, who oversees elections, said the dead voters are removed from the voter lists.  "These are conservative groups who don't know anything about this state," he said, according to The Boston Herald.
Oh, he forgot to call them "teabaggers", too.  Ooooh!  Obama's gonna be pissed at the omission!  Every Leftist knows that it's mandatory to slur all non-Leftists as "teabaggers"!

So the dead are supposedly "removed from the lists".  So he says.  We'll see.  If he's wrong, boyoboy, will he look really bad, eh!
But Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson said Galvin should take the issue much more seriously considering the weight of Tuesday's special election. 

"Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin has chosen to ridicule those concerned" about the dead voters on the rolls, he said in a written statement. "With so much at stake in his state and throughout the nation in today's election, one would expect him to be more serious and less cynical. After all, it's his job."

Well, he doesn't want to do his job.  Probably not allowed to anyway.  Probably plays with his putter and balls in his office.  Nothing else to do whilst awaiting his turn to be publicly condescending towards seriously concerned representatives of Mainstream America.
(...) Coakley supporters and liberal groups like ACORN could pose as dead people to vote for the Democratic candidate.
That wouldn't be without precedent, now, would it?  Hey, the Obamacrats won in '08, didn't they? 

Well, we'll see...  Voting's almost over anyway.  Wonder how many zombies voted?


Obamacrat minions caught posting campaign signs near polling stations

(Damning video of Hard-Left, pro-Coakley moonbattery at the link!!!  Intimidation of cameraman by Obamite!  Assault- "bumping" the cameraman!)

WELL, WELL, WELL, some more...

Coakley's office calls reporters "Nazis", kicks 'em out
“We identified ourselves as journalists for Washington News Alert and Watchdog.  They asked us politely to stop filming, and we did.  However, two other men made phone calls and after they finished the calls, came over, grabbed my arm and told us to get out.

“We asked about their opinion about freedom of the press and one of the tough guys grabbed my arm to ‘help’ me exit said he believed in a ‘free and unbiased’ press.  When I asked why he was so rude and what that means, he said that we were in violation of their civil rights, rights that ‘Nazis’ like us want to take away from them. ”

Huh?  What kind of mental disorder???

Huh!  Leftists... Obamites... are saying the Press are "Nazis"?  Well, what would they say about CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, the NYT, the WaPo, the Daily Kos and all those "Press" folks who do everything in their power to protect and exalt Obama and the Democrats???  Are they "Nazis" who "violate our civil rights"???

Whoever they spoke with on the phone obviously fed them a whole pile of pure bullshit.  And it's telling about the intelligence of these Hard-Left thugs that they, brainlessly, believed everything the Man Behind the Curtain (same guy who feeds Barry-O's teleprompter to tell him what's what and what he's to say) told them.  They, thanks to the Guy on the Phone, believe that reporters are "Nazis" and that trying to cover an election campaign somehow constitutes a "violation of civil rights".  Such brainless moonbattery!  That's another one for ZombieTime.com!

In particular, the hateful, nasty, Lenin-resembling union dude in red really DOES look like a Soviet Bolshevist, circa today, in the United Socialist States of Obamerica.  What a hateful Hard-Left teabagging asshole, eh?  Reading his lips, I could've sworn he said, "f... off!", though I suppose he may well have simply said, "turn camera off!".  Either way, his hatefully intolerant mentality is blatantly obvious.

See what kind of people those Hard Left, teabagging Obamites are?  Pot.  Calling.  Kettle.  Black.


Watcher said...

Just following the returns and Coakley has conceeded to Brown. Its going to be fascinating to see how the Dems spin this one.

So Obama made special endorsement trips for Corazine, Deeds and Coakley. The final tally has voters 3, Bammy and dead guys - zero.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Once again, the People proved the Left to be folks of delusions of grandeur and invincibility. And self-destructive arrogance.

The Left has flown too close to the sun on waxen wings.

Watch them fall.

Like they should've been watching their polling numbers fall so rapidly and steadily, and from which phenomenon they should've taken a hint... but, being Leftists, well, do we really expect such mentally-disordered folks to be rational?

glasnost said...

...Obama made special endorsement trips ...

Gives a whole new slant on the "Kiss of Death".

Patrick Ross said...

Heh. I wonder if Martha Coakley thinks Derek Jeter is a Nazi, too.