Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Good Week At The Sentinel

Well, I just checked my SiteMeter stats for the past week. Hmm.... pretty much normal visitation stats, around 400-whatever per day, on average.  Par for the course these days.

But wait... Sunday saw unusually high (for that day) visitations.  As did Monday, and that was an all-time high, I believe, for one day at the Canadian Sentinel (although it's possible that I got even more visits on the day I blew the whistle in '06 on the Jamaat ul Fuqra terrorist training camp located just outside of Ottawa, as on that day, my SiteMeter server had mysteriously crashed and I ended up recording only about 550 visits... what if there'd been no crash that day?).

Looks like I really struck a Hard-Left nerve with my coverage of the manufactured-crisis, recklessly-covered-by-the-unfair-and-discriminatory-Big-Old-Media, overpropagated, misguided, hypocritical, history-ignorant anti-proguation protests.  Apparently, the Hard Left is sensitive to accusations that they accuse conservatives of "being equal to Hitler".  As they always were doing to Bush, yet not to Obama, who's doing the very same stuff (killing Muslims in the Middle East) as Bush did.

As for the figure for Tuesday, well, that's where it was at when I copied the image.  It continues to rise as I write this.

Yup.  Good week.  Pissing off Leftists really brings in the visits.

Just sayin'.  Really, nothing to see here.  Move on.  To the next post, that is...


Even better by the end of the day...  697 visits.  Verified all-time one-day high.

Hey, look!  I've got a cool "hockey-stick" graph going here.  And it's not based on "fudged" and discarded data, either, so you can be confident that my "science is sound".  Heh.  Up yers, Infamous Hockey-Stick Graph Mann, plus y'all a the UN-IPCC, UEA, and certainly Algor, D. Suzuki et al...

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