Friday, January 29, 2010

Harper Booting Neo-Communists Out Of State Apparatus
What would you do if I did the very same stuff that you did that you said was okayyy?
Would you go all double-standard on meeee?

Reversing the damage the Liberal-Appointed Neo-Communist state apparatchiks have done in Canada

In the process, as part of the overall reorientation of the Canadian state apparatus, Harper, amongst other things, again stands with Israel and Jewry.

No more of that Hard-Left, Neo-Communist nonsense that's been slowly destroying Canada over the decades.

They're squealing like stuck pigs, the Neo-Communists, but they've got nothing else to offer but complaints without valid foundation.

Well, of course.  After all, the Neo-Communists are nothing but Useful Idiots of Neo-Communism.  With emphasis on the "Idiots".  They're paid to do nothing but push Neo-Communism, imposing it onto us via Liberal Fascism.

It's Judgement Day for the Neo-Communists!  They're getting what they've had coming for so, so, sooooo long!

Surely, the unconstitutional, crooked, fascist kangaroo court star chamber, the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, will also have to face Judgement Day as well.  Perhaps they already are, and we don't notice it yet.  Like hell those bastards will continue to take our money away so that they can take our rights away, plus even more of our money!

Then there's the CBC, which is, no secret about it, Hard-Left, essentially a pro-Liberal, anti-Conservative, Neo-Communist-ideologue organization which needs to have its choke chain yanked again and again until it stops behaving badly, or else it's one final trip to the vet, with emphasis on final.  Like hell those bastards will continue to take our money away to throw that Neo-Commie B.S. at us anymore!

Those Hard-Left Liberals, you know, for so long they controlled everything, and it showed in Canada's increasingly Neo-Communist orientation.  Well, the Liberals finally shot themselves in the foot with their extremism, corruption, ineptitude and criminality and lost power.

Those who worried that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives might not be conservative after all, should be paying attention to the details, not merely the headlines.

You see, when it's possible to do the right thing, it's clear that the Harper Conservatives are doing the right thing.  And they're not afraid to do it.

And they've chopped funding for unnecessary stuff for which the Liberals can be blamed, such as stuff stemming from the Chretien "Millennium Scholarship Fund".

You see, as the Liberals were able to Hard-Leftify Canada's state apparatus and ideological orientation without folks really noticing (I could tell what was going on by looking at the considerable real-world evidence and making logical deductions, and I now know I was right all along)... the Conservatives are now reversing the damage they wrought.

MacLean's scribe Paul Wells understands, too:
Multiply these few decisions by all the appointments and funding choices a government makes. Understand that almost none of them are reviewed by Parliament and almost none will be noticed by most voters or even most journalists. A government stands or falls on bigger, simpler questions. But having stood and not fallen, it gets to shift these hundreds of levers: not to reward cronies, but to change a society. This is why Harper likes his job, and why simply hanging on to it is at the heart of his game.
Of course.  Harper knows how things work.  Now, my fellow conservative Canadians, especially those in the West who feel disaffected:  Pay attention, see what's really going on, and hang in there, because we're in it for the long haul.  The Harper Conservatives ARE doing the job!  Don't expect the Big Old Media to tell you about it, because they're too dumb to see what's going on, too dumb to understand the complexities of the multitude of little things that add up.  It's up to you and me, my fellow conservative Canadians, to watch for ourselves to see the REAL performance indicators of the Harper Conservatives, in addition to the big, well-reported economic stuff, etc.

Rome wasn't built in a day.
Canada won't be rebuilt in a day, either.

Note to the Useful-Idiot Hard Left:  Go ahead and be scared.  Go ahead and equate H* to H*, and you know what I mean, for you're going to do it even though you don't want to be seen doing it.   It's time for you to learn that you can't have everything you want, and that you have to accept the Power of the People, as opposed to the Power of the Elites.

Besides, hey, you guys don't seem to have a problem witnessing the Obamacrats down south imposing Neo-Communism (just look at all those horrible Neo-Communist revolutionary "Czars", none of whom have an apparent moderate/normal bone in their entire being) upon America as if there were no tomorrow, and as if they had already rewritten the Constitution they love to hate and ignore.


Anonymous said...

Harper is bringing Canada down with his false sense of democracy.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, hi, Hard-Left propagandist.

Say, what say you of the Obamacrat Reich and their destroying America with their apparent utter contempt for democracy?

No lessons to take from Hard-Left propagandists who have no case to make, nothing to offer to back up their silly accusations.

You guys don't even know diddly-diddle about proroguation, how many times it's been done, by whom, and for how long, as apparent in your double-standard treatment of Mr. Harper... just because he's not a Neo-Communist Liberal or NDPer.


Regards to your indoctrinators and community organizers.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Furthermore, you Useful Idiots don't understand jack squat about "democracy" (for one thing, you people hate the very concept of direct democracy via referenda and will have nothing to do with it), nor about how things work in Canada.

You see, as the LIBERALS always had the power to APPOINT all those USEFUL IDIOTS wherever they wanted so as to impose an "undemocratic" agenda upon Canada, so do the CONSERVATIVES have the very same equal power. But NOW and ONLY NOW you Useful Idiots have a problem with the exercise of this power?

Hypocrites. Double-standard-pushing Useful-Idiot Neo-Communists.

Just grin and bear it.

Suck it up.

Quit yer whinin', yer bitchin', yer bellyachin' and get some gonads.

The People elected the Harper Conservatives to do what the Liberals always got to do, and now the Harper Conservatives are doing what the Liberals did, and NOW you have a problem with the completely lawful, Constitutional exercise of these powers of the elected government? You people are unbelievable and worthy of ridicule and dismissal, and it's your own wilful fault!

So just put up with it and accept it as democracy, fairness and equality.

You guys had your turn. Now we've got ours. Don't like it? Tough shit!

Jen said...

CS, I want you to listen to David Rutherford and Alberta minister Iris Evans on the subject of 'Senate reforming' and the prime minister Stephen Harper's intentions even though it had been done when Mulroney was in government.
The audio tape is today's date Jan 29th time 9AM. When you get in, go to the 34.53 mark, when David talks about the senate.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Is there a transcript? Can't hear it, you know. ;) No problem- everybody forgets about that little thing all the time. Too bad some Hard Leftist folks like Chris Matthews can't so easily forget about the color of Obama's skin, though he finally did, the other day, to his credit.