Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nothing New About That, Duh!

The notoriously anti-Conservative Toronto (Red) Star is up to its manipulative propaganda tricks again.

They're saying stuff about a "new study" than sounds like an OLD one, what with rehashing the same old, same old Canadians' answers to the same old, same old questions as to how they feel about politics, government, etc.

And it comes as no surprise that W. Kinsella-Goebbels's Emergency Bumwiper is telling us this old crap just after a little fake protest by a few thousand confused, ill-informed Canadians happened against the reviled-no-matter-what-by-the-Star Conservatives.

I see they're citing a "study" by the "Institute of Wellbeing", which, when one examines their website, sounds no different from the very same nonsense we've already heard from the Neo-Communist movement.  Just read the page linked in this paragraph.

For example, they spew the following dogmatic drivel:
Over time, GDP has emerged as a surrogate for wellbeing. That’s a big problem. As a measurement of national income, GDP doesn’t distinguish between activities that are good and those that are bad for our society. Think of GDP as a giant calculator with an addition but no subtraction button. Activities like smoking, drinking to excess, building jails and hiring police to deal with crime, destroying green lands to build sprawling subdivisions, over-harvesting our natural resources to the point of jeopardizing their sustainability, using fossil fuels that pollute our air and heat up our planet – all these activities propel GDP upward.

At the same time, GDP fails to include a host of beneficial activities like the value of unpaid housework, child care, volunteer work and leisure time, because they take place outside of the formal marketplace. Nor does it make subtractions for activities that heat up our planet, pollute our air and waterways, or destroy farmlands, wetlands and old-growth forests. The notion of sustainability – ensuring that precious resources are preserved for future generations – doesn’t enter the equation.
They think that building jails and hiring police to deal with crime, while being positive for the GDP, are somehow bad like smoking and getting drunk.  Why else put them in the same sentence?  Why not add "the sex industry"  to the list?  Of course, they're not going to bash that, as, after all, they're "progressives", and as such they believe that the more fornication there is the better off society is.

They believe in leftist concepts of paying people for doing their own housework, and that raising children is a "job" that ought to be paid, notwithstanding that most folks raise children because it's what they want to do, not something they want to be paid for doing.

They also believe the Big Debunked Lie of Global Warming due to fossil fuel burning.

Sounds like something my Neo-Communist economics professor would say.  And, boy, did he say a lot of stuff like that, as well as making us read exclusively Neo-Communist stuff by the likes of Noam Chomsky and Linda McQuaig.

Yep.  Nice work, Toronto Star.  Excellent, credible source of impartial, unbiased "information".

What's going on here is the same old "let's get the nasty right-wingers!" nonsense coming from the Neo-Communist Hard Left.

Funny how the same folks didn't go after the Liberals like that, and how they're not going after the Obamacrats like that.  Oh, not funny- predictable.  Because they only attack conservative politicians, just for being conservative, not Neo-Communist and Hard-Left dogmatic.

It also sounds like the same kind of communication that would emerge from a George Soros-funded organization such as ACORN:
It recommends ways to increase the influence of citizens' voices in politics, including greater use of citizen assemblies to shape public policy; more civics education in the core school curriculum; making voting easier and accessible; and mentoring programs for "promising leaders from diverse communities" to learn how to organize political campaigns or run for office.
Note, in particular, the bolded passage at the end.  Hmm.  Sound familiar?  It should.  We're all familiar with that "promising leader from a diverse community" who's recently demonstrated that he's just a Hard-Left puppet.  And don't you love the codespeak words, "diverse community"?  Like, u can haz affermativ ackshun!  The better your tan, the more they want you, plus the easier it is to get you to think and do what you're told, and the more you can read a teleprompter, the more they want you.  No experience or competence required.  Willingness to flip the bird, to call Americans "bitter extremist teabaggers clinging to guns and religion", to bow to evil oil sheiks and insult the disabled are definitite assets.  The more "diverse" and compliant, the better.  Big demand for well-tanned, hijabbed-Muslim lesbian folkdancers walking around with a cane!  Sorry, white male Vietnam ex-POWs full of competence and intelligence not wanted.  Nor are white women who wear glasses and who have and love their babies no matter what and who aren't leftists and who like to hunt caribou and want America to be great, as opposed to submissive to the Axis of Evil.

Sounds eerily like ACORN, doesn't it?  Makes one think of George Soros, too, of course.  Or Maurice Strong, the Canuck version thereof (they're in cahoots, along with lemon-maker Malcolm Bricklin, by the way, to make big bucks via China's auto industry & importing cheap Sino-deathtraps-on-wheels, as well as being bigwig Leftist ideologues).

They say Canadians are disaffected and are turning to FaceBook, the internet and so on and so forth.  As if it's all that new.  As if in reaction to the Conservatives (ok, they don't say that directly, but it's obviously implicitly implied, given the timing of the release of the statements and given the Big Media outlet they're using).

Guess what?  We're doing it because we're disaffected, not with politicians only, but also with the Big Old Media and with the Hard-Left propagandist industry!

Why do these idiots think that Mainstream Canadiana/Americana have already turned to the internet, talk radio, internet radio, organizing Tea Parties, abandoning the Big Old Biased Media for the fair and balanced FOX News, which is now Number One in primetime cable?

Duh... it's because the Big Old Media and the Left just lie to us, lie to us, lie to us.  Yep.  We can tell they're lying.  After so many years of being lied to, we've become experts on detecting Big Media and Big Left lies.  They've got a "tell".

Clearly, the "Wellness Institute" is directing its communications towards the Left.

Also, they don't say anything about Canadians' disconnect with the Big Old Media.  Of course, they're not going to shoot their comrades in the foot, now, are they?

Predictably also, they bellyache about the fact that there's, circumstantially, for whatever real-world reason (like maybe fewer women than men actually give a crap about being a politician, perhaps, and are really not interested, and would rather do something else?) fewer women than men in Parliament.  Another Leftist obsession.  You know those folks- they want there to be undemocratic appointments for quota, "equality" and "diversity" purposes.  Leftists don't care about democracy if democracy fails to achieve the goals of the Left.... in which case, they want to push it aside as inconvenient, and then proceed to push forward with their agenda, regardless of what Canadians want.

And they wonder why Canadians are "disconnected".  I'd suggest that the Institute and the Star look into the mirror for part of the answer.

Nothing to see here, folks.  Move on and tell the Leftists to move off!


Jen said...

Chavez a few days ago shut down the people's national democratic media and the venezuelan studies are furious. One of them(student) died in the process when he spoke against Chavez.
At least for the venezuelans they have had in normal day life two types of medias one for their government who are mostly dictators, and one for the people.
In canada unfortunately in a 'free world' as you want to put it 'DO NOT HAVE A NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC MEDIA' which speaks for the public. instead, what we have is a media that speaks solely for the LPOC. And just like Chavez,the LPOC are paranoid and so are their media.
Here's the thing, Layton and conservatives and the bloc know that very well and so do we. In fact, Layton is making use of the LIBERALS' PARANOID to suit his agenda.

Jen said...

Layton is making use of the LIBERALS' PARANOIA to suit his agenda. They have become Layton's puppets to dance around-COALITION-at your service is looking at you.

The asses in the media don't seem to get it" they can fool the people(public) some of the times but they can't fool those same people all of the times." Now that Layton and the libs have joined in COALITION he can treat the media like garbage to his heart's content and not one of the so-call useless reporters can criticize him to his face not even once, or else my friend he will disclose their secrets of love nest between them and the libs from.....30yrs ago. THE MEDIA IS DONE DEAD LIKE THE LIBERALS.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yep. Ok for Chavez to shut everything and everybody down and up, but not for "right-wing" Honduran and Canadian governments to do it, perfectly legally and constitutionally. Double standard again. Ok for socialist dictators to shut everything/everyone down/up and to confiscate and nationalize foreign-owned private companies, just like the Maoists did! But should a conservative government do one little thing that's perfectly legal and constitutional and that doesn't hurt anyone at all, the Left and the Big Old Media (of which Hugo would be proud) would scream bloody murder!

Also ok for the Obamites (or Liberals) to break their promises of "openness and transparency" and refuse to let us see the bills online before there can be any voting on them in Congress... but if the Tories do one little thing that can be spun into something the Left can war-march about...

No, we don't have a free press in Canada, nationally. The NP is so-so, and Global is so-so, but we need to do better. At least there's Small Dead Animals, which even the Big Old Media loves to read, some of its people wishing they could tell us the same stuff Kate does...

I understand that Newsweek (aka Pravda USA) is really, really swirling in the toilet now, as they've only been able to b.s. a measly thrity-five online subsriptions. Just thirty-five! Who's going to PAY for blatantly-biased, frequently-incorrect crap and drivel like that? I betcha they're all Obamacrat apparatchiks, and they're using the taxpayers' money to pay the fee!