Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dem Caught Lying About Being On ACORN Take, Voting For Higher Taxes

Lie to me, Demmy!

Perhaps America, as has Canada, needs to ban political contributions from corporations and unions, and limit individual political donations as has Canada.

If it works in Canada (Ironically, it was the Chretien Liberal regime that brought in this law to destroy Liberal leadership rival Paul Martin's chances of becoming PM with a majority), as it obviously works (hey, we've gotten rid of the Liberals, those big-money-addicted guys!), then it ought to work in America.

Imagine a future in which there's no need to worry about Leftists taking contributions from the criminally-organized ACORN/SEIU extremist groups.

Imagine a future in which George Soros's ability to impose socialism onto America by throwing his money around is severely restricted.  Imagine if he was only allowed to use about a thousand or two of his own money, just like everyone else.  That way he'd be Puppetmaster no more!  George Soros can't be permitted to have more of a say than Mainstream Americana!

Imagine a future in which it's the American People, as individuals, will finance, up to a certain annual individual limit of, say, $1000-$2000, their candidates' and parties' election efforts.  It'll be more democratic that way.  Then it'll become apparent which party, the Demmies or the GOP, is the more "mainstream" party representing more Americans who actually do care and who are willing to put their money where their mouths are.

The SCOTUS's recent striking down of the McCain-Feingold law that effectively silenced conservative Americans whilst looking the other way on the likes of George Soros,, ACORN, SEIU, etc., etc. has already allowed for a more fair playing field in America, and has strengthened democratic and free-speech rights for The People.


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Canadian Sentinel said...

Sounds good. Will check 'er out.

Time to get all McCarthy on their asses. They can't complain, as they're all McCarthy on ours!