Friday, January 15, 2010

Will China Pull A Hitler?

What Hitler did, will China do?

Already, ominously, there's a Holocaust in China against a hated minority religious people, the Falun Gong.  There's Mengellian "doctors" performing infinitely evil, inhuman atrocities upon living, conscious, non-anaesthesized members of the minority group while China pursues a Final Solution against them.  Organs are harvested from fully conscious, fully-feeling-pain human beings.  People are murdered and sold for plastination and exhibition in macabre "real human bodies" shows.
In 2005, Gen. Chi Haotian of China, its “minister of national defense” since 1993 to 2003, revealed in his speeches that in China’s war on the United States, from one-third to two-thirds of Americans would be poisoned or infected biologically by the Chinese, and their homes and property would be transferred over to Chinese settlers, since the Chinese (and not the Germans, as Chi stipulated in his speech) are the superior race and must have everything best in the world.
Hmm.  Chinese Supremacism.  Particularly the Han-race Chinese.  Master race theory/delusion.  Just like the Nazis' insanity about an "Aryan" "master race".

The Chinese Communist mob-state-apparatus already has incredibly horrific plans for the Free World.

No international alarm.  Deja vu.  Just like how the world wasn't worried about Hitler.  Of course, they weren't privy to information about the Holocaust against the Jews, and they didn't have benefit of History's Lessons by which to realize what Hitler was planning to do  (Churchill saw it coming, though, not that many paid him any attention).

No doubt, China's awesomely offensive wealth is mostly going into the Chinese military.  Clearly, they're amassing it at a pace not seen since Hitler ruled Germany.

Today, the Free World has fallen far, far behind the Non-Free World, particularly China, and also Russia.  Less and less production is happening all the time in the Free World whilst more and more is happening in the Non-Free World.  And the same applies to the militaries of the respective worlds.
Few people in the free countries believed that Hitler would launch aggressive wars to become the world dictator until he launched them just as soon as he was able to do so. But to the owners of China, wars should not be started unless there is a certainty that having started them, they will win them.

The masters and slaves of China are preparing for victorious wars while free Americans enjoy their festivals.
Will we heed the warning, according to common sense and prudence and a desire to never lose our liberties?  Will we assume that our freedoms will never be taken away, therefore we needn't bother to do anything to make sure they never can?

Can we afford to assume that there will never again be any Hitlers?

Why trust the Chinese Communists?  Why the hell did the world trust Hitler?!

Unfortunately, looking at the reality of the world today, I must say that we're moving towards a situation in which we WILL lose our freedoms.

Unless, of course, we're willing to at least destroy China with nuclear weapons, should China dare attempt to destroy us.

Alternatively, we could, of course, make sure the Chinese Communists realize, via a sudden, wholly-unexpected amassing of our ability to destroy the entire Axis of Evil almost instantly, and via demonstrating our stoic preparedness and willingness to do so.... then maybe the Chinese Communists will think twice, realizing that their victory is NOT a certainty anymore!

We're unknowingly waiting for the next Pearl Harbor.  Nay... actually, we're unknowingly waiting for the attack and invasion to happen right here at home, and it's going to make Pearl Harbor look like a picnic in the park.

Islamic terrorism?  Horrible, yes, but actually just a distraction, forcing us to overemploy our military and financial resources.  The real threat is from the Axis of Evil.  No wonder the Axis facilitates the Islamic terrorists.  Doing so serves the agenda of the Axis.  They've got us in a position whereas our pants are around our ankles.

I pray Obama and the Democrats will NOT be in power when this happens.

We need a "right-wing extremist" president in America who is hellbent on doing whatever it takes to destroy anyone who attempts to destroy the Free World.

Seriously.  Yes, this is what I'm saying.

I hope I'm wrong in my prediction that history will soon repeat itself.

But if I'm right, I say destroy China to save humanity... if it ever becomes necessary via the actions of the Communists.

Russia?  We might have to destroy them, too, to save humanity.  I don't trust Putin-Medvedev, either.

Terrible things to say, but, hey, History teaches us terrible lessons and prescribes terrible solutions.  Think Hiroshima/Nagasaki... and then think bigger than that.

The only deterrence against the likes of China/Russia attempting to take over and enslave the entire world... is proof of ability to destroy them at the press of a button.  And the undeniable willingness to do so.

Unfortunately, the Enemy sees us as sitting ducks, especially since the election of that brainless, Hard-Left clown Obama, whom the Non-Free World shows not just zero respect, but actually laughing derision and disdain, as Obama's clearly a pussy.  And the Enemy views us this way, most likely rightly so.

As for the Left, they're indubitably the Enemy Within.  They're the Enablers of the Enemy Without.

The Left doesn't understand that their ideology and insanity are as much a threat to humanity as are the likes of the SinoCommies and the Putinist Russian Regime.

The Left must be, well, pushed down, demonized, discredited, as they absolutely must be, since they're a danger to human liberty worldwide, with their delusions of don't-worry-be-happy-there's-no-such-thing-as-evil-and-only-America-is-bad and all that dangerous insanity.

Well, that's how I see it.  Of course, I fully expect the usual nonsense and deranged hatemongering from the Left, stemming from this post.  Well, let them spew.  They really believe in the idea that History will never repeat itself, that they'll forever enjoy their current freedom to be decadent and destructive and such, so of course they'll throw their crap.

Listen, all within the Axis of Evil, particularly the Chinese Communists, let the following be a reminder to you.  If it is ever up to me, I will not hesitate, to save humanity from enslavement...  Of course, it probably won't be up to ME, but there's enough folks here who could take over as Commander in Chief of the Free World and give you something like the following.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And just WAIT until China decides to call OUR DEBT.


Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, and I just added a clip of the infamous "Tsar", the ultimate one that scared even the Soviets, who tested it, senseless...

Canadian Sentinel said...

As for the Free World's debt, the SinoCommies can eat our ragged old shorts. Screw them. They're going to try to enslave us either way, anyway.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Besides, when Mao took over China, he confiscated our business assets...

I'd say they've compensated us for it, with what we call our "debt" to them, which was actually their debt to us!

So China can kiss off if they want the money back! How dare they take our stuff and then demand we pay them for having done so?!