Sunday, January 24, 2010

Horrible Shock: FaceBook Welcomes The Nazi Brotherhood!


The Canadian Sentinel gets results.

Canadian Sentinel: Hunter & Destroyer of Online Nazis 

Big Thanks to the JIDF, the Jewish Internet Defence Force, who brought it to my attention via email

Original post:

Shame on FaceBook!

The JIDF exposes FaceBook's suspicious, and apparently discriminatory, behavior.

Ironically, the Nazi Brotherhood, believe it or not, is NOT "white supremacist" at all.

Plenty of apparent visible minorities are apparently willing Nazi Brotherhood members.

What its members share in common is Judenhass, or Jew-hatred.

According to the JIDF:
Again, Facebook doesn't proactively go after any of this and this type of hatred can be found within minutes of a search. Oftentimes the hatred and promotion of murder happens in Jewish groups when we aren't even searching for it!  One can easily encounter this type of material on the walls and discussion areas of any general group or page about anything. It's the equivalent of trying to go for a walk around the block without encountering antisemitic vandalism. While Facebook cannot be bothered to remove this in a timely manner or create any systems to proactively remove it or prevent it from being created, Facebook has been able to find the time and resources to proactively create automations to keep JIDF leadership off their platform.  Meanwhile these types of groups are able to be created and joined by thousands upon thousands of Facebook members.  People who join these groups are never proactively kept off of Facebook the way we have seen Facebook take action against Jewish activists trying to shed light on these issues. 

They've got a screenshot, and a link to the actual Nazi Brotherhood page, which I just confirmed, is still there.

The creator of this page is Francis Atienza.  Via his very creation, here's his picture:

Someone send a shout-out to Warren Kinsella, Richard Warman, Bernie Farber, the CJC and the "Human Rights" Commissions!  Think they'll do anything?

I've just filed a complaint, citing its hateful nature, to FaceBook's "administrator".

We'll see how long it stays up.  Been up a whole month already.




Knight 99 said...

Playing Devils advocate –

I don’t see a difference between these nuts or Hezbollah or Hama’s.

No one seems to bat an eye (Code Pink) when the other groups fly flags at rallies around Canada, why should anyone worry about this group?

The Canadian Charter of Rights gives all citizens the freedom of speech, opinion, thought, and peaceful assembly in public, and within ALL forms of media.

Why should one group be ostracized and another get a free pass if only because of their race (excluding the fact that the facebook creator is a non white)? Most people in the know realize that much of Islam worships the Nazi philosophies and methods of hate and control.

The Left will be silent, unless Arian whites become dominant subscribers.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's what I was thinking. It's about skin color.

If it was a "white" site, then it wouldn't be up right now.

Looks like Facebook may well therefore be racist as well as anti-Jew.

We'll be watching Facebook more closely now, for sure...

By the way, I wouldn't be surprised to discover that the creator, administrators and members are Muslim, or mostly Muslim. After all, the Islamic World teaches Muslims to hate Jews. It's an indubitable fact.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Y'know... if it was a site that advocated hatred of and worse with respect to Muslims or homosexuals, then for sure it wouldn't be up there for a whole month.

Knight 99 said...

Exactly – Hypocrisy!

Racism is very much alive and well.

The fact is that it’s the Liberal left and the Progressive’s along with all the groups they support who are RACIST.

Everyone else “globally” can be accused, of prejudice, and bigotry – It’s a human condition and will never go away.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, apparently the JIDF and TCS... get results!

We've destroyed the "Nazi Brotherhood"!

Now, if only the Muslim Brotherhood were a mere FaceBook site...

Sounder said...

Looks like it went down the memory hole tonight.

Jen said...

Here is a portion article for you to read CS:

Falling back on a reliable scapegoat
Running out of 'imperalists' to blame, Chavez has turned to the Jews

Special to the National Post
Published: Saturday, January 23, 2010

David Frum

I picked an exciting week to visit Venezuela. The night before my arrival, the regime seized the country's largest shopping mall. The day after, Israeli authorities disclosed that a recently intercepted shipment of missiles to Hezbollah had originated in Venezuela.

Read on....

CS, Socialist mindset like Chavez
better becareful what he does to these people, God will punish him severely.

I guess this guy on the Facebook who looks 'black' to me must like what CHE had said and written about 'black people'