Thursday, January 14, 2010

Investigate Liberal Culpability For Knowing About Afghan Torture Allegations

No shock to me that the Big Old Liberal Loyalist Newsmedia (ie. clearly not the National Post, who's got the balls to talk about it whilst the rest are pretty much silent) has been ignoring the reality of Liberal knowledge regarding Afghan detainee abuse allegations.  Naturally, the Big Old Media isn't normally the least bit curious about Liberal wrongdoing, although they're obsessed with digging up dirt on the Conservatives all the time.  Sheesh...

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From 2002 to 2005, the Canadian protocol for Afghan detainees suspected of Taliban ties was to hand them over to U.S. military authorities. The Liberal government at the time was convinced that the treatment of detainees in American custody would be humane, but that soon changed when abuse allegations at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq surfaced.

What we do know is that Canadian diplomats who were stationed in Kabul repeatedly warned the former Chretien and Martin Liberal governments in 2003, 2004, and 2005 that torture was commonplace in Afghan prisons. Despite these warnings, the Martin government signed an agreement with the Karzai government in December of 2005 to hand over all Canadian-captured prisoners to Afghan authorities, according to official documents by Foreign Affairs.
Ahhhh... nevertheless the Liberals are pointing angry fingers at the Conservatives?!  Such hypocrisy, but hardly surprising, as we know the nature of the Liberals!
John McCallum, who was defence minister for the Chretien government in 2002-2003, said in the LaPresse story that he never saw the Foreign Affairs’ documents. His colleague Bill Graham was Foreign Affairs minister at the time, and he became defence minister in June of 2004, and still held that position when Canada signed the agreement with the Karzai government. (Note that when Defence Minister Peter MacKay claimed not to have seen Richard Colvin's warnings, he was fervently mocked by Liberals, yet McCallum feels no embarrassment about using the same excuse).
Well, John McCallum is a known liar, infamously claiming to drive a Chevrolet and then having to admit he lied (to look good politically, naturally!), but that's another story.

Read on....

Anyway, the final paragraph following the rest of the gory Liberal-culpability details is:
Any government inquest that goes forward now, two and a half years removed from the time when the detainee transfer agreement was overhauled to prevent inherent flaws in the December, 2005, agreement, should thoroughly investigate the involvement of the former Liberal government and ministers, such as Bill Graham and John McCallum. When former Liberal cabinet ministers like John McCallum imply the Conservative government is complicit in “war crimes”, we should ensure that the government actually responsible for the alleged crimes are held responsible.
I suspect that the artificial (and temporary, I guarantee!) downward turn in the polls for the Tories due to the Liberals' dishonest attack ads and the Big Old Liberal Loyalist Newsmedia's obssessive screaming and trumpeting about a brief break for Parliament as if it was the equivalent of what the Three Stooges (Libs, NDP, Bloc) tried to do in late '08 (usurp the government and take over to impose a Hard-Left, Obamacrat-copying agenda onto Canadians against their democratic will)... the polls will change again to their proper position, with the Tories leading the Liberals by several points.  Especially if word of Liberal culpability is mentioned enough in the Big Old Media, which I doubt will happen.

Meanwhile, Liberals:  Quit your hypocrisy!  Quit calling the kettle black!  Quit being douchebags to the nth power!


Anonymous said...

Ask the liarberals to not be lying, hypocrites? Why don't you ask for something easier, like asking Niagara Falls to flow up!

Chris in the Bridge

Canadian Sentinel said...

You do make a good point!

At least Niagara once, mysteriously, stopped flowing.

The Liberals, however, will not stop lying, ever, unfortunately.