Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's Ask Osama

What Tawfik Hamid wants us to ask him.

In short, it's about asking Osama bin Laden if everything the Islamic Supremacists have done is "because of Israel".

Once one thinks about it, one sees the illogic, the hypocrisy, the projection, the unfairness... and the Hitleresque hatred for Jews... apparent within the mentality of Osama bin Laden.

It's all about the Jews for Osama.  Everything's to be blamed on the Jews.  Everything.

Remind you of anyone?

No "reason" given by any Islamic Supremacist for attacking innocents can be believed.  Because they lie, and they've got a political agenda, and violence against innocents is one of their most tried-and-true ways of getting what they want.  The reasons for the violence are whatever are convenient.

Osama attacks America because America's protecting Israel from being destroyed.

Osama wants to destroy Israel because she's a Jewish nation.

America stands in the way.  Terror attacks inside America is how Osama's trying to scare America away from standing with Israel.

I've got a better idea than what Osama wants.

Declare war on Islamic Supremacism- the ideology.  Just like we're willing to declare war on Nazism and on white supremacism.  Same thing!  Absolutely!  Destroy the underlying root, the supremacist ideology behind it all, and you'll greatly reduce terrorism!  We know that war works, so...

Only by destroying the ideology of Islamic Supremacism, using special, exclusively-Islamic-Supremacism-fighting "hate crimes" laws and outright discrimination against people like Osama bin Laden, ie. dangerous, hate-and-violence-inciting Islamic Supremacists... exactly as we've been doing with those "white supremacists" for decades... will eventually eradicate it from at least America and from any Free World nation with the balls to destroy the evil ideology.

Indeed, any Mosques discovered to be incubators of hatred and murder... shut them down.

Islamic schools discovered to be teaching hatred, supremacism and murder... shut them down.

Get the idea?  As we deal with "white supremacism", we must deal with Islamic Supremacism.  That is, hunt it down wherever it might lurk and eliminate it.  Hey, we've already got "progressive" extremists doing it with Nazis and white supremacists, even though there's so few left to worry about, and none going around blowing themselves up on planes and blowing people away on the streets and on military bases.  Just make it so incredibly difficult to be one of those folks that they'll be too terrified to even think hatefully anymore!

Apply Liberal Fascism's incredibly effective tactics to destroying Islamic Supremacism- the ideology, and to discriminating against the hateful supremacists... with maximum prejudice.  It workes with the Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, so it'll work with their Jew-hating brothers, the Islamic Supremacists.

Why?  Hey, would you rather have those sub-animal Islamic Supremacist murder deliverers slaughter your children, etc.?

Note to confused, shocked "progressives" who now think about calling me something I am NOT:  In a nutshell, I am NOT saying this about all Muslims.  Only an imbecile will read the above carefully worded, specific sentences and think that it applies to ALL Muslims.  Only a totally brainless moron.  Surely you're not like that?  So if you accuse me of hating all Muslims, then that proves that you are the stupidest asshole in the world and that you need to be institutionalized.

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