Wednesday, January 13, 2010

David Suzuki, Political Extremist

Rex Murphy discusses.

David Suzuki, once an idol of mine when I was a kid, now seems to me, not a scientist, but rather a political extremist.
Feb. 16, 2008 David Suzuki has stirred a minor controversy, recently, by some remarks he made in a speech to 600 students at McGill University. A report in the McGill Daily tells us "he urged today's youth to speak out against politicians complicit in climate change."

"Complicit" is the damning word there. People are complicit only in dark and pernicious undertakings. He went on to suggest the students "look for a legal way to throw our current political leaders in jail for ignoring science," those comments drawing rounds of cheering and applause.

Well, this is a turnaround of some proportions. In the old days, the really old days, it was the foes of science, the enemies of what we have come to call the Enlightenment, who used to call for the rack, the stake and the dungeon to treat those who challenged religion's pre-eminent authority to both speak and know the truth.


To argue that those who question a prevailing orthodoxy should, even metaphorically, be tossed in jail is radically inconsistent with the essence and spirit of science itself, the essence and spirit that Dr. Suzuki, in his better moments, so clearly reveres.

Oh, but Rex Murphy is too polite.  I say David Suzuki has lost his mind and abandoned science in favor of ideological and political extremism of a persuasion out of touch with contemporary Free World Civilization.

If anyone's ignoring science, it's David Suzuki.  He should therefore, to be consistent, volunteer himself for imprisonment.  Of course he won't, because he has no credibility, no integrity anymore, as far as I'm concerned.  He blew it completely with his dogmatic, unscientific arrogance and shocking extremism.

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Jen said...

Do you have a photo of his 'empire' which he created yet not seen anywhere else.
If he is a man of science surely it is not for him and his buddies alone. Which is it? If he created something for the weather (let's say) why hasn't he shown us or spread it across canada. and if the water is rising why isn't he and LIZZY MAY have not taken to the higher grounds; seems to me that he wants the resort area for himself. which means the water is not rising.

ward said...

Suzuki made his reputation and alot of money via the CBC. Was he turned by the environment he worked in, or was he selected to it because of his beliefs.

My thought is that he has always been an anti Western socialist.

Kez Creates said...

One of my favorite shows as a child was Nature Of Things (and Lorne Green's New Wilderness lol)... but now I can barely even tolerate looking at Mr Suzuki.