Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FOX News, CAIR, Saudi Prince: Disturbing Questions

 Bill O'Reilly, left, making nice with CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper, on FOX News.  

What's going on here?!
Fox News host Bill O'Reilly last week invited the TV-savvy Hooper on his show to debate passenger profiling, the second guest appearance by the CAIR spokesman in a month. At the end of the segment, O'Reilly thanked Hooper and called him a "stand-up guy," sending shockwaves through the conservative blogosphere.

CAIR is no ordinary guest. The government has blacklisted it as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, and the group remains under criminal suspicion by the FBI, which has cut off outreach ties to it.

Congress and the IRS also are investigating CAIR, which has had no fewer than 15 executives and board members convicted or implicated in terror probes, including its founding chairman.

In addition, CAIR's very existence as a legitimate corporation has been challenged in a lawsuit in federal court.

Given CAIR's proven ties to terrorism – which O'Reilly failed to mention – why would Fox offer the group's top executives a virtually uncritical forum on prime-time cable TV? Saudi Arabian money may be a factor.

Wahhabbist oil sheik al-Walid bin Talal of Saudi Arabia.
He's got a financial interest in FOX News.
Ignorant Leftists, of course, will say, "So?  What are you, an Islamophobe?".
Well, this guy condones the evilness, lack of human rights, and Islamic Supremacism/Imperialism of Saudi Arabia, and that's telling enough.

I... do... NOT... like... this.

Of course, one also wonders as to whose money has been used to influence the other networks.  Obviously some Hard-Left money, at least.  Probably foreign enemy money, too.  It's that easy for foreign enemies to buy a piece of the Free World propaganda pie.

There's so much foreign enemy money already sunk into the Free World that we really should be talking about it.  It's in our interests to be publicly discussing whether, for example, the Saudis, the Chinese, etc., should be able to buy into our newsmedia.  Same goes for allowing the Saudis and other Islamic Supremacists to finance extremist madrassas and hatemongering "schools" in America (they actually do already).

Having a financial stake in our institutions is giving foreign hostiles with hidden agendae a say in how those institutions will operate, what messages they'll deliver... just like how the rich domestic Leftists who own the Big Old Media direct the messaging agenda thereof.

Besides, we don't have any say in any of the newsmedia of enemy countries/countries harboring sinister hidden agendae against us.  This entails a propaganda advantage... for the enemies, for those hostile to the Free World.  And this is unacceptable.

Rather ironic, also, as there are those who would accuse FOX News of being "Islamophobic", as well as all sorts of other stuff it isn't.

Next thing you know, George Soros will try to buy into FOX News and turn it into just another of his mouthpieces...

I hope FOX News smartens up before it becomes corrupt like the others already are.  Corruption is insidious, subtly progressive, but tends to follow a slippery slope.  Before you know it, suddenly something will be... corrupt.  Just like that.  Kinda like how America woke up in 2009 and realized that she'd been corrupted by neo-communism.

For sure, while wildly popular (the most popular, by a LOT) a news network, FOX News is also an enigma.  After all, the main FOX Network carries such trash as The Family Guy, which, while I confess I do watch it, I find to be as offensive as anything else out there which one could find.

It's an enigma, for sure.  But at least it's an enigma that the Hard Left hates so insanely, so it's, at least as long as it doesn't become any further compromised, a good enigma.

Just do something about that slimy tentacle you've got feeling around up inside yer hiney, FOX News.  Just do something about that.

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