Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breitbart's 'Big Journalism' Goes After 'Planned Parenthood'

Serious, regular readers of The Canadian Sentinel have no doubt noticed how I've been pointing the finger of inconvenient (and ignored by the Big Old Media) truth at Planned Parenthood.  I've left no stone unturned, pulled no punches.  I've been in full crusade mode against those butchers for some time now, missing no opportunity to remind readers of the horrific, evil reality of that big, profitable corporation.

Now I see an article at Big Journalism that looks for all the world like I might've written it (nope, I didn't, but it feels as if I did... the resemblance, the content, is so similar to what I've been doing that it blows me away!).

Pretty much everything in the article, I've posted about in the past.

Maybe I should be writing for Big Journalism, too...  Clearly, I can do it.

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