Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roberts-Led Supreme Court Stands Up For First Amendment

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After all, when you've got, on one hand, a Big Old Media that helps Left-Wing Extremist ideologues push their ideas... and, on the other hand, you've got a censorship regime that discriminates against those (ie. non-Leftists) who cannot get help from the bigoted, double-standard-practicing Big Old Media in terms of communicating their point of view (or even simply presenting important evidence to the People!), well, that's bad for democracy.  Of course, Left-Wing Extremists will disagree, because they've got that bizarre delusion that they're always right and the Right is always wrong, therefore they must enjoy an unrestricted voice whilst the Right must be essentially censored.

The Hard Left attempted to censor the inconvenient truth about Hillary Clinton (NOW AVAILABLE, IN DVD AND IN THEATRES, THANKS TO THE SUPREME COURT'S RULING, AND I KNOW THAT IT'S EXPLOSIVE) to protect her from the inconvenient truth that was her own fault.  Now, however, the inconvenient truth is going to get out.  Next, surely, the inconvenient, and extremely devastating, truth about Barack Hussein Obama will be made into a movie, and there's nothing the Hard Left can do to stop it, because they tell us that we've got to respect the SCOTUS's rulings, period (such as in Roe vs. Wade, such ruling, to them, being sarcosanct, obviously).

Of course, to say that there's "nothing" the Hard Left can do, doesn't mean that they won't try to cheat as usual, and do an about-face, saying that the SCOTUS ruling (in this case) is somehow invalid, pretty much "reasoning" and saying... "because the majority opinion that led to the ruling is all 'right-wing', therefore it's 'unacceptably unbalanced', therefore it cannot be obeyed, so let's shut up those horrible right-wing extremists anyway... hell, let's order the police to shut 'em down, intimidate them into shutting up, wrongfully, unconstitutionally arrest them to shut them up, like we do all the time anyway with folks, especially Christians, trying to assemble in public to express their unacceptable, hateful, extremist opposition to, in particular, islamic supremacism, abortion and homosexuality... why not, as that's how it works- politicians are allowed to control the police for political purposes, after all... who cares about the Supreme Court ruling- it's irrelevant...".

We'll be watching...

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