Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anti-Prorogue Protestors: Victims Of Lies, Propaganda, Manipulation

That's right, folks.

Last weekend's anti-proroguation (proroguation is a perfectly normal, constitutional, frequently-invoked-by-all-governing-parties legislative tool) protests, while they may well have included some members of Mainstream Canadiana, these folks were victims.

Victims not of the government, but of the partisan demagoguery and arrogant hypocrisy of the Liberals, the New Democrats, of the Big Old Media, anti-Conservative partisans, socailist extremist groups, big lies, propaganda and a clearly-obvious, mass conspiracy to ignore, sanitize and rewrite history, both recent and ancient.

All for the purpose of the practice of the DOUBLE STANDARD.

All for the purpose of demonizing and defaming the Conservative government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Nothing that the whole anti-prorogue campaign did or said... was founded on fairness, nor on realistic perspective.

It was all just a convenient excuse to try to harm the Harper Tory government in the eyes of the electorate, by lying, deception, and incessant repetition by the Big Old Media, who's, we know, anti-Conservative at the core, and who will never do such a thing to Liberals who do the very same thing Harper did.

The Big Old Media, in concert with the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party and with various players on the Hard Left, decided to make a big deal all of a sudden out of something that never bothered them before.

It's like this, basically:

It's been done many, many, many  times throughout Canadian and Canadian provincial history.

Liberal PM Trudeau did it.  That was ok.

Liberal PM Chretien did it.  That was ok.

NDP Ontario Premier and current federal Liberal MP and leadership hopeful Bob Rae did it regularly.  That was ok.

Now Conservative PM Stephen Harper does it, too.  And according to the various factions comprising the protest, it's wrong, anti-democratic, despotic, and it means that Harper equals Hitler and all that.  (Late addendum:  Well, who rationally believes that there's no Hard-Left extremists out there who aren't already illogically, bizarrely, irrationally comparing Harper to Hitler, and who wouldn't be doing it now, using proroguation as an excuse, not that they need an excuse to be total asses?)


See, the Mainstream Canadiana folks whom I assume must have been there at least in small numbers... they're victims of a misinformation/disinformation and demonization campaign the likes of which Third Reich Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels would be proud.

They were duped, lied to and used.

They should be angry.  Not at the government who was merely doing what pretty much all other governments have always done, but rather at the Opposition parties, the Big Old Media and the Hard Left, for telling them all this bad stuff about proroguation all of a sudden, pretending that it's a horrible thing, all of a sudden, after all these decades and decades in which it's been done and no one said anything, was all "nothing to see here- move on".

I hope those few victimized Mainstream Canadiana protestors who took part in last weekend's perplexing, irrational, unfair, double-standard-based protest, who now should (surely at least a few will find out and feel violated and royally pissed about it) realize that they were lied to, manipulated and used for partisan propaganda purposes, will, in the future, think more and ask more questions and do more online research before submitting theirselves, their energy and their time to something like that again.

Because I know they want to be well-informed, have analyzed the evidence, have ensured that they're being fair, and don't want to be caught practicing a double standard on behalf of those who put them up to it via dishonest propaganda and manipulation. 

Don't let them use you.  Don't be a victim.

Always stand back and calmly proceed to acquire, on your own, a scrupulous, no-stone-unturned, situation awareness.  Be in charge of your own mind, rather than selling it out to extremists who only pretend to be nice to use you.


Dr.Dawg said...

and it means that Harper equals Hitler and all that.

I thought you'd retracted that nonsense.

Jen said...

Don't let them use you. Don't be a victim.

CS, you should address that statement as the headline story
Here is another headline:

CS, headlines should be something that will grab at you and I am sure that the people will want to know 'why' the media failed to do their job probably. here's an example.
The media daily ritual is to tell the public that the prime minister prorogued but what the media would not tell you is that liberals prorogued parliament 25times(list the years time length of their prorogation)
the same for the NDP Rae when he was a premier.

So, from now on GS, as Glenn would say" America, here's what the media didn't and refuse to tell you"

I suggest that you do the same.
At first, the public will not believe you-you can't blame them-they are so manipulate so drummed and wired to the media's wishes that only proof can speak which we have-THE HANSARD REPORTS, NEWSPAPERS ETC.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Dawg, if you're going to willingly fail in your reading comprehension, then please go away.

You just didn't understand my sarcasm.

Or are you being funny?

Do you disagree with my key points?

Dr.Dawg said...

I guess I missed the subtle sarcasm here:

Well, I heard back from him.

Turns out to be a decent fellow who simply had doubts about the picture and wanted to entertain them with me.

Turns out that these doubts are perfectly appropriate, as I've asked for and gotten via some Winnipeggers in the SDA comments thread.

The two women with the signs and masks are suspicious indeed and apparently not part of the actual protest. Seems they were party to some kind of fringe propaganda stunt, hoping to be covered by the Big Old Media. Who knows?

And here I posted on the Facebook group that you had retracted your earlier claim. Silly me. I shall now have to retract myself, you sly dog.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I can see that there's a misunderstanding here.

Tell me... are you claiming that there's NO ONE on YOUR side attempting to equate Harper to Hitler for doing precisely even what the most "progressive" Liberals and NDPers have done?

To focus on the big question of the two girls with the stupid signs is to be myopic, which I'm certain you wouldn't want to be.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And to say that I "retracted" the earlier claim is incorrect. I'd like you to retract your claim of retraction on my part.

I simply advised that I'd come across new information that made me doubt the legitimacy of the two girls.

Still, there's the possibility that they're genuine Leftists and that they do oppose proroguation by non-Leftist PMs and Premiers, and that perhaps they DO believe in the sentiments expressed in the signs. All I did was say, "well, we don't really know, so let's keep it in mind".

Some "retraction". Of course, you might've been under the impression that "retraction" meant something more grey-area than black & white. But then you'd still mislead folks.

I understand that there HAVE been Leftists who've compared Harper to Hitler.

Via The Nexus of Assholery:


I'm sure there's even more who do it whilst sitting in a circle, making Eric Foreman's basement mysteriously smoky.

I'm sure we can turn up further examples.

Now, I don't deny satririzing Obama as if he was Hitler reincarnate. But the satire in Obama's case is more appropriate, considering all the national-socialism and fascist things the Obamacrats have been doing. I've blogged about it all as I discovered it, as have numerous others.

Anyone who's armed with the inconvenient truth about Obama and the 'crats, and still thinks they're good people and all that, is, well, scary to me.

Harper? WTF has HE done, except decide to be a Conservative, as opposed to a Liberal/NDP/other Leftist?

Jen said...

Harper? WTF has HE done,

is the very question the MEDIA just can't answer.
I will be listening to Glenn today as I did yesterday and so on and when he speaks; I hear him discuss the opposition parties in canada regarding to Socialism.
He mentions that the Socialist party is eroding the 'true' DEMOCRAT PARTY just as it is happening right here.
The canadian national media which is strictly for LPOC has become LAYTON'S pussy cat where he can spill his crap on. And the thing is, the media can't do or say anything against or to him. why? Layton will spill the media/lpoc love nest to the public telling the people that they media, knew of the LPOC corruption and that they never spoke of it as they should regularly.
Now that LAYTON has the media in the palm of his hands as well as the LPOC. LAYTON can mastermind a plan he wants without a prorogation from the liberals.
In other words Layton to the LPOC "you impliment my high taxes to major cooraperations and other areas, or else, I make your life a 'living hell'"
This is how SOCIALISTS operate.

Peter Dodson said...

The root of the question CS is are all proroguations equal? It's not enough to say "those guys did it so we can do it!" What is the reason behind the proroguings? In this case what people seem to be objecting to is a lack of a good reason, especially given that Harper prorogued not that long ago.

As for the whole anyone equals Hitler meme - it's wrong when anyone does it. Hitler exterminated millions of people. Neither Obama, Harper or Bush has done that - to make the comparison shows a lack of understanding and empathy for the horrors he perpetuated and I sense it's only done to score political points. But it's childish and stupid for anyone to do it.

Canadian Sentinel said...

No- the core problem is that there's a DOUBLE STANDARD at work here.

It's not a matter of "equality of proroguations". If you paid attention to the protests, it was all about "no prorogue", period. They just said that proroguation was bad, period. But apparently only when a Conservative does it!

If, furthermore, we use number of people murdered on the orders of a leader, then we've got to say that the Soviet Union under Lenin-Stalin was worse than Hitler. Ditto the Chinese Communist Party, with whom we appallingly, as with the Nazis previously, continue to do business, aiding and abetting their capability to wage war and murder... upon us, should they one day decide it's time. Then there's the Islamic World- apparently worse than Hitler, owing to the millions of torturous atrocities commited in the name of their eerily Nazi-like ideology. Of course, Muslims served in the Nazi forces...

As for the reason for proroguing, well, there's a LOT of speculation in the Big Old Media, mostly being fed to them by Liberal and Hard Left propagandists.

Did you notice how the Liberals were bashing the Canadian Forces, accsing them of torture and war crimes, and hypocritically so (they heard allegations on THEIR watch)?

Perhaps the proroguation was more to shut up those who only wanted to bash the CF to get to the Tories. Perhaps the Tories did it to protect the CF from the domestic enemies. Who knows? Who's got proof? It's all big question marks.

And we know why the Liberals prorogued. And why Bob Rae prorogued. Harper's not done a "worse" proroguation, and anyone who asserts he has is merely asserting, absent any offer of smoking-gun proof.

It's all about an unfair DOUBLE STANDARD.

They never went after the Liberals in the Big Media. But they're STILL talking about it. For cynical partisan propaganda purposes, apparently. Photo-ops in Parliament today. So cynical. So hypocritical. And the Big Old Media pretty much acts as if the Tories invented proroguation!

It all tends to manipulate the electorate's perceptions of reality and of the parties. That's pretty much the goal, by the way, obviously. Electorate perceptual manipulation.