Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hard Left Rewrites 'Peanuts' To Portray Charlie Brown As 'Gay' In Play

Charlie_Brown.png charlie brown image by peachespk

What's up with the Hard Left's obsession with saying everyone's gay?

They're (Pea)nuts.

Hey, y'know, why not rewrite the story of Hitler and the Nazis to portray them as being gay?

Oh, wait...  Of course, in that case, we're talking about folks who actually lived in real life... and it doesn't seem to quite be a "rewritten portrayal", but rather historical research analysis and reporting.  Yes, it's entirely possible for certain things about Hitler and the Nazis to have been contemporarily covered up to spare the feelings of some folks who don't want anyone to know that, yes, unfortunately, evil people have been and are like them in one way or another, too.  If only evil people were just evil and not also gay or whatever, eh!  Boy-o-boy, I can only imagine what gay folks think when they see evidence that one of the biggest monsters of all time was gay, too.  How inconvenient!  Then again, if Hitler had been straight, well, of course, that wouldn't matter, either, so why not just tell the truth about him, no matter how inconvenient to some?  Just the facts, both the relevant and irrelevant, the horrible and the neither bad nor good.

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