Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did They Protest Trudeau's Regular Proroguations Of Parliament?

Generally, I wouldn't use Wikipedia as a source, but in this case, using a proven Hard-Left source serves my needs.

To be safe, I've saved a screenshot just in case someone decides to cover up the inconvenent truth.

Ok now, here's what's on Wikipedia.
It is worth noting that prorogation has been used with varying frequencies for the past 60 years. The 19th Canadian Parliament had 7 sessions, the 24th Canadian Parliament alternated between an average 6 months in session and 6 months prorogued, while World War Two's 19th Canadian Parliament practiced 12 month sessions, with prorogation every January. Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau prorogued Parliament every twelve months during the 30th Canadian Parliament.
 Ah.  Liberal PM Trudeau.  Annual proroguation.  Why... the SOB!  Better march with signs that say, "Trudeau = Hitler"!

Where was the outrage?

Ah, but why on earth would the socialists and the Big Old Media manufacture any outrage and community-organize some Astroturfers against a socialist regime?  There you go... what happened yesterday only happened because the socialists/Big Old Media are always looking for any opportunity to bash non-socialist politicians, political parties and governments.


It's all about ideological opposition.

And... c'mon, guys... prove to me that the protestors yesterday were representative of Mainstream Canadiana.  Prove to me that they weren't just brainless folks who were manipulated into "just being there and holding signs expressing hatred against the horrible right-wingers" by friends.

I recall when Harper prorogued Parliament in December 2008.  And the polls then had him at over 50% support.  Well, if it's so bad this time, don't you think the Liberals would be at over 50%, in a reversal of fortune, rather than slightly behind the Conservatives in a tie?

Meh.  Much ado about nothing.  Tempest in a teapot they're trying to keep going as long as they can.  Won't last; will soon be forgotten.  They'll move on, for sure.

It's a manufactured outrage.  Manufactured by Hard-Left, anti-Conservative ideologues/partisans and by the anti-Conservative Big Old Media.

Besides, what did the government do that's so bad?

Um, let's see.  The Christmas break was to end January 25th.  The government said, nah, let's take just another month- there's the Olympics, plus we want to focus on preparing for the coming year, biiiiig job, that... just came out of a Depression, and must develop an action plan for getting back into the black... Just one more month... everyone can still do their job, of course... only difference is we won't be acting like poopflinging monkeys for 45 minutes five days a week just so the "news" can show us acting like dummies and poopheads.

Really, what difference can it possibly make?  What's so freakin' important that we absolutely, critically must come back precisely on January 25th?  What's so urgent, what's the emergency?  Did World War Three just break out, fofecksake???

Some folks... really weird.  If a Liberal government did it (ie. the Liberals did it to terminate the Somalia Inquiry before it could get to the facts), but did the Hard Left and the Big Old Media manufacture a crisis and community organize a protest?  NO!  Why not, then, if they are now?  Ah... DOUBLE STANDARD!

Dismissed.  Let 'em spin like afterburnin' turbofan tops if they want.  They'll just make me either yawn or laugh.

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