Friday, January 22, 2010

2009's Worst Anti-Christian Act

The unconstitutional, so-called "Hate Crimes" Obamalaw, that is.  Read it all.

"Homophobia" was obviously orignially made up to bash Christians, whom folks like, but not restricted to, ultra-extreme homosexual bigots, loved to hate... just because Christians are different and have a different point of view on specific activities and lifestyles, as do Muslims, not that the homosexual militants would ever dare go after the Muslims!

If it wasn't about Christianophobia and about taking rights away exclusively from Christians, then we'd see Leftists and Muslims persecuted for saying things inconvenient to the radically revolutionary homosupremacist movement.

If the homosexual community doesn't want me to say such inconveniently true things, then they better force the significant proportion of their community, the hateful proportion, to shut up and stop attacking Christians and stop demanding Christians think as the homosexual bigots want them to.  Until then, I'll point a broad brush at the entire community for both refusing to be tolerant and for tolerating the hateful intolerance so shockingly endemic to their community.

It's ironic that the homosexual community, at least as portrayed in the dishonest, falsely, disingenuously pro-gay (they're forced to say what they're told or be fired, because of the fascist GLBT journalists' advocacy groups within) Big Old Media, paints all Christians with a broad brush just because there might (I don't know, haven't seen any, really, but I assume that, in all probability, there must be a very, very tiny fringe element who might potentially need some serious, lawful psychiatric-institution detention, psychoanalysis and reformation) be a few, yet they cry bloody murder most foul whenever the inconvenient truth about anyone within their community is exposed, ie. amongst them all there's plenty of Big Old Media-prominent Christianophobic hatemongers (eg. Elton John and Rosie O'Donnel), there's pedophiles (Google is your friend, pal), serial killers (Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and many, many others), they're that sonofabitchin' douchebag asshole Barney Frank, they're that criminal Liberal who absconded to Costa Rica with his cabana boyfriend, financed with millions of the taxpayer loot derived from the Liberal Party's ADSCAM conspiracy, etc...  Clearly the community as a whole, though certainly not homogeneously (no pun intended, but I'm sure the Liberal Fascists at the Star Chamber will deem, absent evidence, that it was intended, just because they say so), needs to be, with respect to the record, and with respect to reality, set straight (no pun intended here either, of course, as I say let 'em eat cake or eclairs or whatever's their cuppa tea[bagging]).

Anyway, let it be known; ie. the inconvenient truth... that Christians are now exercising their equal rights to fight back and defend their people and faith from those, including horrifically hateful homosexual bigots, in terms of hauling the haters before the courts and exposing them via mass communications media.  No longer will hateful extremists be protected from prosecutorial, financial and societal consequences just, simply, because of what they do with their genitalia and with whom!

“One of the primary motivations for hate-crimes laws is to send a societal and a governmental message of disapproval of certain beliefs that are held by people,” Stanley told
The new hate-crimes law is designed to try to eradicate the belief that homosexuality or transgenderism is abnormal or sinful, Stanley said.

“Now certainly, we would agree that you cannot act on those beliefs in a criminal manner,” he added. “But this would be the very first time that the federal government is sending that message of governmental disapproval of a certain belief that is widely held by a majority of Americans, and a religious belief – that homosexuality behavior is unbiblical or sinful.”
The Hard Left will try to claim that the legislation doesn't criminlize thought, belief or speech.

But how, then, do they explain this curious passage slickly stuck thereunto:
“does not include solely emotional or psychological harm to the victim.”
 Now, don't forget that, as the Hard Left likes to remind us, that judges "interpret" the law.  Therein lies the danger.  Who's going to do anything about judges who interpret the law just to unconstitutionally bash members of groups they hate?  We know that this happens all the time.

This has already been happening, thanks to the Hard Left, in Canada and elsewhere.  Christians have had their rights trampled and revoked just because they're Christian and exercised their right to be openly so, including stating their constitutionally-protected beliefs.

And that must stop!

Intolerance is wrong when directed towards Christians, too!

You want to do weird sex stuff and call it "who you are"?  Fine.  Go ahead.  Just quit teabagging others, please stop shoving it incessantly into peoples' faces, making them protest, and then using that legitimate protest to bash them in the courts and in the Big Old Media to shut them up unconstitutionally!  Goodness gracious- what kind of terrible assholes are these militant, criminal homosexual bigots?!

You want to criminalize the thoughts and beliefs of Christians?

Well, then, guess what?  If you do that (and you have), then Christians have been given, by none other than the hateful extremists amongst you and by corrupt politicians, every right to criminalize YOUR THOUGHTS, TOO!

Beware.  Before you know it, if you're openly gay and ever say anything that "offends" just one Christian, then you can say bye-bye to YOUR RIGHTS, TOO!

And that applies to the currently-exempt Islamic Supremacists.  They, too, will follow, and will find their thoughts and spoken words criminalized, too, because they frequently incite... terrorism, murder, etc.

Fair is fair.  Equality is equality.

Of course, the Hard Left will always dismiss these perfectly valid, backed-by-real-world-evidence, concerns.  But when the concerns are, and they will be, because that's the Hard Left's agenda, proven valid in real life, then the Hard Left will change its tone and become more and more aggressive, as they do when cornered and demonstrated to be wrong.  They don't want to lose, so they'll seek to suppress public debate about these unconstitutional laws, calling such debate "hateful" and otherwise intimidating anyone daring to raise the issue.

The Nazis (it's an historical documentation, complete with proper footnoting, examining homosexuality amongst Nazis, including Hitler)... are back in the form of the Hard Left.  Right now they're in a sort of sophisticated, nuanced brownshirt stage.

History never repeats itself.  Man always does.  -Voltaire
For example...
(...) From the ashes of Nazi Germany, the homo-fascist Phoenix has arisen again -- this time in the United States. 
Hmm.  The Phoenix.  Like the one which carries the swastika???

The most famous incident in the history of the modern American Nazi Party resulted from its 1977 demand to stage a march through the largely Jewish neighborhood of Skokie, Illinois, a Chicago suburb and the home of many Holocaust survivors.  This plan was devised by Frank Collin, who often appeared with his followers ``in full Nazi regalia: brown shirts, black boots, and armbands with swastikas'' and who ``advocated that all African-Americans, Jews and Latinos be forcibly deported'' (Johansson:129). Civil authorities effectively blocked the march at first, but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) rose to Collin's aid. The Nazis won the ``right'' to march but a settlement was reached in which the City of Chicago and not Skokie became the site.  The subsequent event drew international media attention.  Homosexualists Johansson and Percy, in Outing: Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence, have finally revealed, more than fifteen years later, that Collin was a homosexual pederast.  In 1979 Collin was arrested ``for taking indecent liberties with boys between ages 10 and 14'' and was sentenced to seven years in prison (Johansson and Percy:130).  

Another branch of the American Nazi movement, the National Socialist League, is openly homosexual:  

Founded in 1974 by defecting members of the National Socialist White People's Party, this San Diego-based NSL is unique in restricting its members to homosexual Nazis.  Led by veteran anti-Semite Russell Veh, the group distributes membership applications declaring NSL's ``determination to seek sexual, social and political freedom'' (Newton:46).
Ah.  "sexual freedom".  Codespeak, of course.

And, of course, we know full well that these folks have become, more recently, more "sophisticated" and "nuanced" ("hate crimes" laws exemplify this "sophistication" and "nuance").  No kidding.  But they're still the same, beneath the surface, and behind the scenes.  They can fool us for only so long.

Note that the ACLU (which is aggressively attacking Christianity, getting crosses and Ten Commandments monuments removed from public evidence wherever they can) helped these Nazis, defended their "civil liberties" to preach such hatred.  Wonder what the ACLU will do to protect Christians' civil liberties vis-a-vis their freedom of expression, not that it's anything like what the Nazis, gay and otherwise, today, are saying?

And they'll get more aggressive.  Watch out for Christ-allnacht...

If I'm lying, then show me the evidence that the Muslims get persecuted for their thoughts and for their expression thereof... against homosexuals.  Show me.  I doubt this will happen, because, after all, it's no secret that the Muslim Brotherhood sent many Muslims to serve as Nazi soldiers.  And it's a semi-secret that many Islamic supremacists, such as Yasser Arafat, have been gay.  Loose lips lead to inconvenient truth.

Can't?  Well, I can show you lots of Muslims who've said nasty things about homosexuality and gotten away with it... because the Left won't do anything in their case... only in the case of Christians.

Hey, if there's nothing wrong with homosexuality, and we should leave 'em alone, then why not also frequently say the same about Christians?  What do the Christianophobes really fear???


Jen said...

What do the Christianophobes really fear???

GOD HIMSELF. He is against 'same-sex' marriage as He only Blesses only man and one woman in Holy Matrimony and no other.

There are gays who are against same sex marriage, they said so themselves. God Bless them.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's correct: The hardcore, arrogant homosexual movement fears God most of all. There's no denying it.

Yes, there are gay folks who aren't afraid of God, but, at the same time, like many Leftists, while still believers, conveniently re-interpret the Bible in farfetched ways to justify continuing to engage in the Biblically-proscribed activities they do.

And know what else? There's a LOT of Ex-Gays who left homosexuality with the help of God. And have you noticed how horrifically and even violently hateful the militant homosexual lobby is towards them? Like Ahmadinejad denies the existence of gays in Iran, the militant gays deny the existence of Ex-Gays. I've covered this previously. It's amazing how the reality of the existence of a significant Ex-Gay Community is denied and covered up, and anyone caught talking about leaving homosexuality (remember when Ann Heche left it- it was pretty much kept low-key, the opposite of when famous people "admit they're gay" or indicate they're "attracted to the same sex") is demonized as if they were advocating a new Holocaust or something.

Of course people can change. Of course people can "rewire" their brains, reprogram themselves, etc. We know this by watching all kinds of people going from horrifically evil to good, and vice versa. Pedophiles are, appropriately, treated as criminals (when caught having sexually abused children) and pushed to rewire and reprogram themselves, to eliminate their unacceptable sexual orientation, though, having seen no reports about results, I'll have to look into the results of such enforced reprogramming, as, obviously, to report that they can be changed would naturally prove that other "orientations" are changeable. It's all a matter of the brain- we know beyond all doubt that we can change the way our brains tend to work... absolutely. In fact, I've been doing that all my life, according to need and according to natural adaptation and survival instinct. Sometimes the change was for the better, sometimes not, but I KNOW that human beings can change, because if I can, then so can others... otherwise, if others weren't also capable of these adaptations and changes in the brain, then I guess that would make me some kind of superman, some kind of superior new breed of human or perhaps I'm an extraterrestrial or something equally ridiculously implausible and improbable... but I know that that's not the case, as I've seen plenty of folks demonstrate the same ability to change, including all kinds of "orientations".

After all, the key trait that makes us human is our ability to control our own minds. The more we issue strict orders to ourselves and obey without question, the more we become in control of ourselves, and the more we become as we consciously, via free will, made ourselves.

Without this unique, human-exclusive ability, we'd be nothing different from dogs (loving and loveable as they are, they're still not human), pigs, apes, etc.

Unfortunately, when people are discouraged from exercising such self-control and self-discipline and encouraged to satiate their basest desires and compulsions, this is when human civilization is endangered.

Without JudeoChristanity as our guide as to our human nature, human civilization becomes decadent, unethical, immoral, evil, selfish, murderous... It's true, and we KNOW this.

(Continued- apparently there's a character limit in Blogger comments!)

Canadian Sentinel said...


Even atheists, and we do know plenty (I've actually been one for a while, and, boy, was I ever the douchebag, until something BIG and emotionally-impacting happened and I realized the Truth all over again and just couldn't remain in denial any longer, and didn't want to be selfish anymore), the smart ones know that they, as human beings, are unique in their superior brain abilities compared to nonhuman animals. Believers or nonbelievers, the Truth is that the very thing innate to us all as human beings is a conscience, a natural moral compass which can be, in various ways, weakened to the point of being overwhelmed by the evil that can affect us all, or turned on fully.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And that natural moral compass obviously cannot have come about via genetic randomness, nor via evolution. Obviously, there's clearly intelligent design at work here. Hmm... but who... who could possibly have the ability to make this happen? ;)

Humanity is unique in that it has free will, and doesn't have to submit to whatever tendencies may affect human beings.

Freedom of the Will is what we have, is our unique power. There's no denying this, though there are those who try, and they suffer as a result, sooner or later, due to their own actions.

Indeed, exercising Freedom of Will is difficult in organized societies which tend to compel people to behave in one way or another, or to think one way or another. Real strength of character is derived from doing the right thing no matter what. When others say "Ah, c'mon! C'mon and do it! It's ok! It's fun!", then if we are capable of politely declining the invitation, then that is strength. It's also strength to refuse to harm innocents, even if ordered to do so, and especially if one knows that one would be punished, such as via torture/exectution, for refusing.

I've developed this strength over the years, and relentlessly building the brain's intellectual power to understand things helps greatly. I'm fortunate to have been told repeatedly as a kid that the ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO IS TO BUILD MY BRAIN POWER. Well, I took it literally, and now know that it's true, what I was told. If I hadn't done that, I know I'd be far, far worse off.

Jen said...

Please pray everyday to OUR LORD for His Grace and Guidance and He will give it you.