Saturday, January 30, 2010

MSNBC 'Journalist' Schuster Self-Exposes As Biased Extremist With Agenda

Yep.  MSNBC's David Schuster... lying, lying, lying...

Imagine that.  This so-called "journalist" also got crazy with Twitter and accused, without evidence, and despite the fact that no such charge was even laid, someone of commiting a felony and telling them they were going to go to prison.

Funny, but it sounds just like the "progressives" who comment on my site and claim that they're not "leftist" or anything ideological and don't have an agenda.  But I can tell that they do, as they demonstrated it over time, not that they realized it.  I also recognise the phony politeness.  It's apparent beyond visual range! 

This guy claimed to Andrew Breitbart that he "doesn't have a horse in this race".  An obvious lie and a slick, slithery ploy to coax him to come on to MSNBC so he could then entrap him or at least talk so loud and fast and interrupt so much that he might hopefully make him look bad, at least to the "progressive" "wingnuts" who watch MSNBC.

David Schuster, self-proclaimed "real journalist", is no better than a lowly blogger, and an ideologically-extreme, agenda-driven one at that.

But what does one expect of most of the folks in the Big Old Media?  Why does one think that most people have quit watching those networks and watch the fair and balanced FOX News instead?

David Schuster ought to go and post on Stage Left.  They'll looooove him over there!   It's like a club of biased "progressive" people with two faces over there.  They've also got the same cerebral pea-soup fog of conservatophobia.  To their credit, however, they (a tiny bit more frequently, anyway) they're a little more "grownup" (they also love to use the words "grownup" and "adult" to haughtily, snootily self-describe themselves compared to conservatives).


Watcher said...

Here is the Schuster/Breitbart "invterview".

Any network giving a forum to Ober-mouth probably has an audience that can be counted on one hand.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And that audience, according to the numbers, is rapidly declining. Now, THAT'S what I call "migration".

Balbulican said...

"they also love to use the words "grownup" and "adult" to haughtily, snootily self-describe themselves compared to conservatives"

Not at all, dear boy. We use the words "grownup and adult" to distinguish ourselves from foolish and childlike conservatives, not all conservatives.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ah, but that's essentially the same thing I said, just reworded and amended, is all. But no problem on the amendment.

Whatever you want to believe, believe.

Enjoy your bliss, good buddy.

Canadian Sentinel said...

...and I suppose there's no possibility of describing Conservatives as "grownup" relative to "progressives" who behave foolishly and childishly?

Kind of like, admittedly, you and I are doing now, eh? ;)